These cannabis and CBD products make great holiday gifts

As more people learn about the potential wellness benefits of cannabis and CBD products, these markets will continue to flourish. If you know someone who’s expressed an interest in cannabis or CBD, the holidays are your chance to become their new favorite person with the perfect CBD or cannabis-themed gift.

To make shopping easier, we rounded up some 420-friendly gift ideas for each person on your list.

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For your wife

One thoughtful gift that is sure to make her (and your wallet) feel at ease is a luxurious CBD bath bomb. CBD bath bombs have gained popularity over the past few years due to their reported relaxing effects and potential anti-inflammatory properties.

If you’d like to spice things up in the bedroom, you could also consider trying cannabis-infused lube. Many people enjoy using cannabis and CBD lubes, saying it helps to make them feel relaxed during intimate encounters. Some even say it makes sex feel better.

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For your husband

Does your husband love to smoke? CBD and cannabis subscription boxes make great gifts for the cannabis-loving hubby in your life. These boxes are available from many dispensaries in states where cannabis is legal and come with a variety of new products he’s sure to love each month.

Or, for something more affordable, put together a giant gift basket yourself full of his favorite cannabis products, and sprinkle in his favorite snacks so he’ll have a cure for the munchies afterward.

For furry friends

Who says CBD holiday gifts are only for the humans in your life? If you’d like to give a dog or a cat a treat this season, try CBD treats. These treats can help anxious pets calm down and enjoy a better quality of life.

You could also try CBD creams on pets. CBD creams can do wonders for pets who are prone to allergies, hot spots, and other uncomfortable skin conditions.

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For grown-up kids

If your kids are over 21 and enjoy cannabis and CBD products, here are some gifts that won’t disappoint.

Elevate your holiday celebrations by gifting your kids devices to grind and roll joints. This saves so much time and it allows your loved ones to enjoy the freshest cannabis.

For kids who enjoy pursuing wellness, you can never go wrong with a cannabis cookbook. These creative recipes will teach your loved one how to make wholesome, medicinal meals that are sure to impress their friends.

For Mom and Dad

Getting older often means developing all kinds of aches and pains. Give your parents the gift of wellness by giving them a CBD balm designed to relieve pain in achy joints and muscles.

Or, try CBD gummies. These delicious gems are easy to pop into your mouth in a small dose and can do wonders for pain management and relaxation.


There are so many phenomenal cannabis and CBD products out there. Shopping for gifts this year will be a breeze!

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