Best dab stations for 710 and beyond

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Dabbing is a ritual. Extract lovers often have preferred dab tools, e-rigs, terp pearls, bangers, and other accessories that end up sticky after use. These pieces usually require regular cotton swabs and alcohol to keep everything clean and functional–but still, the dab lifestyle is known to muck up tabletops. This is a recipe for clutter and messes, but one more piece of weed gear can keep it all together.

Dab stations work like desk organizers with compartments for pens, post-it notes, and other office work accouterment. And, there are setups for every interior design style–though more femme, cute stations are needed. However, from modular industrial pieces to small stations for those with limited space–there is something for (almost) everyone.

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best dab stations
Common setup for someone with out a dab station

ISO Station that does it all

Having a big bottle of open alcohol and a pile of cotton swabs sitting around isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing motif. Those not looking to invest in a full dab setup might be interested in an ISO station.

The basic models have a cup where the cotton swabs sit and a glass female piece attached to pour alcohol into. Some of these nifty cups keep the bottom of the swabs wet with isopropyl alcohol and ready to clean that Puffco post-dab. Others have a reservoir separate from the swabs for easy access without constant soaking.

ISO stations with more detailed offerings, like the INNOVA Plus from Maine Cannabis Gifts, are available, too. The glass piece has a place for cotton swabs, a reservoir for cleaning solutions, a cup for terp pearls, and more. This piece is compact but mighty, offering much of the work of a dab station at a fraction of the size and price. An ISO station is a brilliant first step into dab stations.

Welcome to the Chillzone

Popular dabberific Chillzone Stations are available through various dealers on Etsy and other resale sites. These setups are 3D printed from a file available for purchase from the Cults shop. The rainbow metallic color scheme is a favorite. It pairs shimmering colors with a customizable silicone mat, and nifty compartments offer everything a dab enthusiast needs.

Natural vibes with Curtis Trading Co

Curtis Trading Co Rig Stations are handcrafted from walnut and maple woods with compartments for all the dab accessories. The center has a sanded divet fit for a dab rig surrounded by various holes and crevices sized to fit all the goods.


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Happy Etsy customers praise the product with pull quotes like “amazing quality” and “exceeded my expectations.” Buy directly from makers and get a wicked good dab station (according to reviews) with this setup.

Blazy Susan deluxe edition

Photo provided by Blazy Susan

Pink paper juggernaut Blazy Susan released a Deluxe Dab Station in time for 710. The silicon organizer fits into a side compartment of the brand namesake, the Blazy Susan spinning rolling tray. This is a heat-resistant, dishwasher-safe setup with compartments for bangers, dab tools, carb caps, and the lot.

This station works for a dabber whether or not they are invested in the Blazy Susan culture. And while the Deluxe edition is stellar, the brand also sells a more compact option and an all-encompassing dab tray that exists solo from the Blazy Susan spinners.

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Heady Blok handmade dab station

Woodworker and resin artist Heady Blok creates dab stations fit to display on a mantle. The bases are made of wood with glass inserts for bangers and pieces. Some have all-wooden features, while others have fanciful resin inlay.

This 710, the brand put its stunning Mini Dab Station on sale, a double-decker walnut setup with marbled silvery white resin. One space is well-sized for a Puffco Peak Pro and dab tool pegs in the front of the unit. On top of that, there are more extract and tool-organizing compartments.

Dr. Dabber spinner

Anyone who has owned a Dr. Dabber Switch knows two things. One, they offer a great hit. Two, they are heavy and bulky, which makes them easy to knock over. Maine Cannabis Gifts hits again with the Dr. Dabber lazy susan-style dab setup.


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Carved green and clear double glass has spaces for the battery setup, recycler, cotton swabs, and induction cups. This sits atop a full 360° spinning wooden base. Being a Dr. Dabber diva requires the space to house the thing, which is simpler with this dab station.

X-Series Dab Stations

My Mini Factory is a 3D printing ecosystem where the X-Series was born, a set of three dab stations to fit any consumer. Each can be printed using the color of platinum cure silicone and mica powder the creator chooses.

The X1 station is the largest, with a place to set tools, rigs, bowls, and cotton swabs. There are also cooling and storage dishes for terp pearls. Model X2 is a bit smaller as it uses a small square silicone mat over a circular one. The third model (X3) brings 1980s style with drawers underneath the silicone mat.

Those with 3D printing capabilities will love these. People without a 3D printer can search for the X-series models on Etsy and find shops already selling these designs.

Honorable mention: ISO soak station

Though it isn’t for holding dab supplies like the other listed stations, ISO soak stations come in a clutch for people who have trouble keeping everything clean. A place meant for soaking and cleaning dab tools, rigs, and flower downstems. This gear can help make cleaning pieces a weekly ritual rather than a to-do list item often put off.

Dabber’s delight: finally, a place for everything

The days of having little extract spots on desktops and nightstands are over in a world bountiful with dab stations. Each setup provides a place for everything from cotton swabs to e-rigs. All that is left to do is find the right style for the space.

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