Fresh hits: celebrity cannabis brand updates

celebrity cannabis updates

From longtime plant advocates to fresh supporters, celebrities continue to enter the cannabis space. The last week has seen some celebrities introduce their first collaboration, and others expanding their brands to new markets.

Here are the latest collaborations, expansions, and endeavors from celebs in weed.

Lena Waithe announces strain collab with Ball Family Farms

It should come as no surprise that the creator of the series The Chi, which has always featured cannabis, is finally creating her own strain. Waithe collabed with Ball Family Farms to produce a strain called First Draft, available exclusively at California dispensary Josephine & Billie’s.

Waithe has long been a vocal cannabis enthusiast, claiming to smoke a blunt each morning before writing. Ball Family Farms and Waithe shared a promotional video on Instagram showing the creative trying the sativa-leaning Gelato cross for the first time. CEO and founder Chris Ball explains to Waithe how they built the genetics specifically for her consumption preferences.


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Hip-hop phenom Future introduces EVOL to Michigan market

Innovator of autotune and mumble rap Future introduced EVOL to the California market in May 2023. Since then, the brand has continued to expand its footprint, most recently to Michigan with retailer House of Dank, powered by a partnership with Carma HoldCo.

“As an artist, I strive to enlighten the world with different perspectives and experiences, whether through my lyrics, live performances, or other creative endeavors. With Carma HoldCo, I can apply that creativity to build a new cannabis lifestyle brand that resonates within my community and delivers a high-quality product to my fans and a much wider audience,” Future said in a press release.

Consumers throughout Michigan can now purchase EVOL flower along with infused and traditional pre-rolls. Carma HoldCo houses other celebrity cannabis brands like Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and Mike Tyson, whose Tyson 2.0 brand also expanded into New York recently in partnership with Hudson Cannabis.

Woody Harrelson opens ‘conscious’ cocktail bar next to dispensary

The vibes are intentional down in Los Angeles, where Woody Harrelson opened theWOODS cannabis store and lounge with fellow famed friends Bill Maher and John McEnroe. Next door, Harrelson opened Holy Water, an intimate bar space that serves the usual bar fare.

There is no cannabis consumption allowed in the space (that happens next door), but it does cater to the Cali sober crowd. The six cocktails on the menu all clock in at $16, and there’s one zero-proof option. Now, visitors at the cannabis lounge can roll through for an inventive craft beverage using delightful ingredients like date syrup, aromatized wine, and elderflower.

Cheech & Chong rebrand Massachusetts dispensaries

Cannabis icons Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong were there to cut the ribbon at one of their Western Massachusetts dispensaries last month, marking the opening of three Cheech & Chong’s Dispensorias.


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This week is phase one of a Massachusetts rollout for Cheech and Chong Holding Company. The brand also partnered with Atlantic Beverage Distributors, home of well-known brands like Amendment 21 Beer, Ace Ciders, and Hearst Ranch Winery. These psychoactive hemp drinks will be sold in local liquor stores rather than the traditional weed shop.

“We’re all about makin’ it simple for folks to get what they need, whether you’re in a dispensary or in the liquor store. It’s all about takin’ care of the community,” Tommy Chong explained in a press release.

Celebrities in America are enjoying legalization through brand deals, collaborations, and all-out corporations. In the early days, these endeavors are always exciting. But of course, we’ve seen many celeb weed brands enter with fanfare only to fizzle out. The key, it seems, is staying power, and only time will tell if these ventures have it.

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