Weed tattoos: infusing traditional body art

weed tattoos: tattoo shop with artists

When someone realizes the capacity that cannabis has in their lives, they often want to shout it on the rooftops. Some people opt to share their experiences on social media and others work cannabis fashion into their personal style. As for the diehard lifers, they get weed tattoos. 

weed tattoos: person with full sleeve holds cannabis plan
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An artistic pot leaf tattoo can be worked into a larger sleeve or sit alone on clean skin, either way it’s a surefire way to say you’re down with the plant. These weed tattoo ideas from international artists with various specialties range from pot leaves to cartoons, read on to pick your favorite.

Characters and cartoons, but with weed

Tattoo artist Laura Anunnaki is based in California and Tokyo. She specializes in “glittery eno kawaii” and created this shōjo manga-style girl with a cannabis theme that uses bright colors, rainbows, and gems. This tattoo is a fabulous play between things often considered sordid alongside adorable imagery.  


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The popular adult cartoon American Dad depicts Roger, a sarcastic alien who lives in the attic. Tattooist Jason Allen is based in Arizona and created this conceptual play on Roger hitting a bong with a goldfish in it. The fish is dead, unfortunately. Allen’s traditional style is at play in the finer details. The character is what really shines through with this tattoo design.


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Snow White is a beloved classic Disney princess known for taking a bite of a poison apple, but this apple isn’t poison. Quite the opposite, actually. Raymond Tighe, or “Ebbie,” tattooed this Snow White hitting an apple bong that perfectly captures that faraway look she’s known for. 


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Most marijuana tattoos aren’t romantic, but this one is. Miss Mary Jane is a stunning half-sleeve portrait of a woman smoking a joint surrounded by smoke. There’s a gold band and diamond on her ring finger. We can only assume that the caption “Mary Jane as a marriage proposal” means the person who got it may have used it to propose to his partner.

Milwaukee tattooist Benji did this cutie at the Anime Ink Convention. The cartoon portrait features an excited character eating sushi with a little weed kitten on her head and holding a fan leaf. This tattoo artist is talented, the clean lines dictate a steady hand and the enticing use of color signifies a sharp artistic eye.


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Cartoon weed tattoos aren’t complete without a Bulbasaur. The beloved Pokemon usually has a flower bud on its back, but this rendering features a weed nug. From the Bulbasaur accuracy to the cannabis bud, the tattoo is perfect. 


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Goku is a popular Dragon Ball character with iconic hair that stands atop his head. Instead of hair, tattooist Victor Oliveira made the hair into cannabis flowers in a simple black and white piece. 

Tattoos of pot leaves

Liss, an artist based in Ontario, Canada, does beautiful botanical and sacred geometry and fan leaves in a head tattoo. This bold piece is made up of small leaves with a huge marijuana leaf right on top. Sure, you can grow your hair out to hide it, but this one is for hardcore cannabis fans.


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This bestie tattoo features weed leaves atop palm trees with little aliens beaming the leaves up into their ship. It’s a cute black and white tattoo with clean lines is giving pot leaf without being super obvious.

Weed nug tattoos


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Juanca Ceb is an Uruguay-based tattoo artist who did this adorable weed nug free hand. It’s as accurate as a cartoon nug can be with pleasant colors. This is a straightforward weed-inspired tattoo option.


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This weed nug tattoo features nugs in a plastic baggy like they did from the dealer. Tattoo artist Hugo Sacramento is based in Brazil and specializes in traditional-style tattoos. While this isn’t the most epic tattoo on this list, it’s a fun concept. 

American Traditional Weed tattoos

Grace LaMorte is well-versed in gorgeous traditional-style tattoo art, and this little devil smoking weed fits perfectly into her book. Thick lines and saturated color are at the forefront in this weed tattoo, where the red devil caricature plucks a guitar. This one doesn’t allow embed, so click through to check out the work. 

This little cannabis nug kitten is done in American Traditional style and would make any stoned cat lover go “aww.” RS, a Taichung City, Taiwan artist, does more ingenious sticker tattoos now, but this will always be in our favorites from them.


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Lots of tattoo artists get more weed design clients on 4/20, and last year Josh Johns, based in New York and Tennessee, penned this weed leaf pineapple tat. The yellow pineapple has a pot leaf where the green spikey leaves should be. This weed tattoo could be pieced into a sleeve or thigh. 


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We saved the best for last with this one, an American Traditional style piece by Seoul, Korea-based artist Siho Jeon. Two hands that may belong to a cannabis genie hold a bong and a joint in a burst of saturated color. It’s an eye-catching piece.

weed tattoos: person with tattoos rolls a joint
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Good cannabis tattoos come in all shapes and sizes. Some are straightforward fan leaves or nugs, while others are more abstract. Anyone interested in a cannabis tattoo should scour weed tattoo ideas and see what styles and imagery they like the most. That’s the best way to end up inked for life with a beloved piece of art rather than something that needs a cover-up. 

Cara Wietstock is Senior Content Producer of GreenState.com and has been working in the cannabis space since 2011. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.