5 ways cannabis could light up your Hanukkah celebrations this year


Believe it or not, weed and Hanukkah can be a great fit together. Cannabis sales soar over the holiday season, and reports show an increasing number of Jewish cannabis enthusiasts are lighting up more than just menorahs during their celebrations.

It seems some who walked before us saw the value in mixing cannabis with Jewish life, too. In 2020,  archeologists discovered traces of burnt cannabis with a high THC content in an ancient Jewish shrine. Though no one can be completely certain what cannabis was doing here, many experts agreed that it was probably used for ceremonial purposes in the ancient kingdom of Judah.

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Whether you’re looking to replicate this ancient ceremony, or just want to add something different to this years’ festivities, we rounded up a few ways to take your celebrations higher.

1. Gift your friends a shofar pipe

If you’re Jewish, you’re likely familiar with the Shofar, the ritual musical instrument made from a ram’s horn used for religious purposes by the Jewish people for centuries.

Combine that with a cannabis pipe, and you have the ultimate party favor for adults. You can buy this on specialty websites or attempt to make it yourself (if you’re feeling brave).

2. Make cannabis-infused gelt

If you don’t want to smoke your greens, eat them instead! Hanukkah gelt (chocolate that looks like coins) happens to be a perfect medium for cannabis edibles.

You probably won’t find these in a dispensary unless they have special holiday edibles. But there are some THC-infused gelt recipes online you can try.

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3. Try your hand at rolling a menorah joint

Yup, you read that right.

Challenge your friends to roll a joint in the shape of a menorah. If you’re an experienced joint roller, this is the craft for you. And if not, it’s at least sure to make for a fun and hilarious activity.

It’s a bit tricky to make, but VICE has a great video explaining it step by step.

4. Whip up some cannabis-infused latkes

Latkes are a delicious staple for many Hannukah celebrations. Now, it’s time to take these potato treats to the next level.

Pull up your favorite latke recipe and follow it as you would normally. But when it’s time to fry the latkes, put away your regular oil and use cannabis-infused oil instead.

You can either make the oil yourself at home or buy it from a local dispensary.

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5. Experience the menorah bong

Yes, this is real.

This masterpiece has eight bowls, so you can be stoned for every day of your Hanukkah celebration. You won’t be able to make this one, but you can buy it online with a quick Google search.


Whether you light up a menorah joint or eat a few weed-infused latkes, your Hannukah is sure to be lit this year. L’Chaim!

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