From Lube to Leggings, These Are the Weirdest CBD Gift Ideas Available This Season

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Everyone knows a CBD guru – the super healthy one who brings a bottle of CBD oil to every gathering and might just rub it on your arm if you broke it. And after all the anxieties that came with 2020, there may be a few more CBD gurus in your life this year.

Maybe you’re able to see your CBD guru(s) this holiday season, maybe you’re celebrating with them from afar. Maybe you are a CBD guru. Whatever the case may be, it seems only right to treat your CBD-crazed loved ones (or yourself) to a destressing, anti-inflammatory cannabidiol experience in this unprecedented holiday season, and, maybe make them laugh as well.

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CBD comes in all shapes and sizes, and though a lot of research still needs to be done on the health benefits of CBD products, each boasts a unique effect. We compiled the most bizarre CBD-infused stocking stuffers available this season.

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1. CBD Pillows

Using CBD before you tuck in? Now, you can tuck into CBD. Several mattress companies have come out with CBD-infused pillows, sheets, and mattresses that, according to manufacturers, slowly release CBD from their fabric into your skin through friction. The idea is that the CBD will decrease the pain and anxiety that might be keeping you awake, as well as mitigate restlessness throughout the night.

2. CBD Toothpicks

If you’re tired tinctures, here’s a sharp alternative. CBD toothpicks dissolve in your mouth and contain measured doses of 10-25mg of CBD. Consumers say they are just as effective as under-the-tongue droppers, with the benefit of being a little easier to carry in your pocket or purse.

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3. CBD Lube

Ok, hear us out. Lube is always a good idea for boosting your sex life, but what if it was infused with an anxiety-relieving cannabidiol? Manufacturers say this stuff can help with increasing vaginal sensitivity, increasing relaxation during sex, decreasing pain during sex and – surprise surprise – having better, stronger orgasms. And the best part? It’s sexologist-approved.

4. CBD Dog Treats

The really good dogs in your life deserve a special treat. Veterinary experts have begun exploring CBD as a treatment for a variety of canine illnesses, and many pet owners swear by it as a treatment for canine epilepsy, nausea and even some cancers. According to manufacturers, these unconventional dog biscuits have the power to reduce anxiety, pain, and seizures for dogs.

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5. CBD Nail Polish

Manufacturers of this bizarre product don’t pretend it has any health benefits… but it certainly doesn’t hurt. Put a little green in your bling next manicure and enjoy the health benefits that will come from watching your friends react.

6. CBD Toothpaste

No, this won’t make your teeth green. Available in a refreshing mint flavor, this cannabidiol-infused teeth cleaner is said by manufacturers to decrease gum inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory properties, and reduce bacteria just as effectively as drying, alcohol-based mouthwashes, but without the artificial ingredients.

7. CBD Leggings

Ever loved an outfit like a drug? If not, these cannabidiol-infused leggings might change that. Like CBD pillows, the CBD in these leggings is released with friction. So, when you get moving, manufacturers say the CBD will absorb into your skin, relaxing your muscles and, hopefully, helping your stay relaxed and flexible during your workout. The CBD is even located in targeted areas on the leggings to reach muscles that are commonly subject to strain, such as the quads and hamstrings.

8. CBD Joints

Ironic, but fabulous, these pre-rolled joints are marketed as having all the health benefits of CBD combined with the edgy vibes of a traditional joint – ideal for those having a crisis of identity after switching from THC to CBD.

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