Medical Benefits of Marijuana: What to Ask a Licensed Physician

Medical Benefits of Marijuana: What to Ask a Licensed Physician

Did you know that 6.8 million adults in the U.S. have Generalized Anxiety Disorder?

Many adults do not get treated for their anxiety and depression. But adults who do take antidepressants experience side effects. Adults on antidepressants have reported weight gain and feeling devoid of all emotions.

Are you suffering from anxiety and depression? The side effects of traditional antidepressants may discourage you from seeking treatment.

There are holistic forms of treatment, and many report that they don’t create additional ailments.

Medical marijuana is a holistic way to treat your anxiety and depression. Extra medical benefits of marijuana include chronic pain relief and heart disease prevention.

Talk with a licensed physician to determine if medical marijuana is right for you. To help you start the conversation, we’ve compiled Here a few questions you should ask a licensed physician about medical marijuana.

Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Much of the stigma around marijuana has been mitigated over time. There is plenty of medical research to support the benefits of using marijuana. You can learn about these benefits by asking a physician.

Medical marijuana benefits you beyond your primary needs. You may be prescribed marijuana for anxiety, but it will also treat mood disorders.

Medical marijuana will help you achieve better wellness, and possibly lighten your pill box.


If you’re new to cannabis culture, have your physician explain the difference between CBD and THC. Your doctor will make a recommendation based on your situation.

CBD and THC come from the marijuana plant, but THC is known to have a psychoactive effect. This effect is the high cannabis users describe. CBD has similar medicinal benefits as THC, but your motor functions will not be nearly as affected.

Do not be afraid to try small doses of both to see which one works best for you. Both strains can be used interchangeably with the proper education.

How Should I Consume Marijuana?

Smoking is not the only way you can consume marijuana. Ask your physician about the various cannabis products you can choose from. There are topical and oral medical marijuana options.

The fun part is testing marijuana products to see what you like best. There is less risk in trying medical marijuana products than in testing pharmaceutical products.

Medical Marijuana Card Process

A medical marijuana card is a medical document that allows you to legally use cannabis. Each state has a slightly different process for applying for a medical marijuana card.

Your physician can help you through the application process. There are generally fees attached to a medical marijuana card and a renewal process once your card expires.

Ask your physician how to use your medical marijuana card before heading to a dispensary.


Contrary to popular belief, many of the medicinal benefits of marijuana are scientifically proven. You can treat bodily and psychological ailments with the power of marijuana. So, whether your suffer from depression, anxiety, chronic pain or epilepsy, you might want to consider medical marijuana as a treatment option for your affliction.



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