What are cannabis-friendly campgrounds? And where do I find them?


You’ve heard of glamping, but have you heard of canna-camping?

As cannabis becomes less taboo across the country, 420 travel or “cannatourism” is booming. Now more than ever before, there are plenty of excursions catered to cannabis enthusiasts.

Still, for campers, van-dwellers, and road-trip-ers, things can become difficult. Consuming cannabis in public spaces is generally still prohibited, even in states where recreational cannabis is legal. This means that if you’re far from home and not staying in a hotel, it’s hard to find a legal space to safely and legally consume cannabis.

This is where 420-friendly campgrounds come in handy. These campsites provide outdoor spaces where consuming cannabis is legal, and in many cases, encouraged.  We put together everything you need to know about these unique sites before your next excursion.

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Cannabis-friendly campgrounds: What are they?

If you use medical marijuana or just enjoy cannabis-friendly travel, then you probably want to find a place to stay the night where you can freely smoke weed. In order to make it easier for people to do this, more and more cannabis-friendly campgrounds are opening across the country.

These campsites are only located in states where it is legal to smoke recreational marijuana. Since smoking in public is still prohibited in many of these states, it can be hard to find outdoor areas where one can legally use cannabis. Cannabis campgrounds provide safe spaces for enthusiasts to legally light up in the great outdoors.

Some campgrounds allow people to bring their campers and RVs. There are others that are located in secluded locations that you need to hike to.

You should do your research before choosing which cannabis-friendly campsites to visit, as each is a unique experience. Fortunately, we’ve already given you a head start.

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Popular cannabis-friendly campgrounds

There are campgrounds in many parts of the United States where you can smoke cannabis. So many, in fact, that the options can be a little overwhelming. To make it easier for you, we rounded up a few of the most popular ones.

Cannabis Camp

If you are over the age of twenty-one and are passing through Oregon, you should consider visiting this beautiful space that is one of the most well-known cannabis-friendly campgrounds in the United States.

It is located on a quiet plot along the Necanicum River. If you forget to bring cannabis with you, don’t worry. There is a dispensary located on-site.

Feel free to pitch your tent wherever you want. There are various fire pits and the river has several lovely swimming holes. You’ll also find lots of hiking paths nearby if you are interested in going out and exploring.

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Boulder Adventure Lodge

This adventure lodge and campervan rental site describes itself as cannabis-friendly. Plus, the cabins are beautiful, and there are several great hiking trails nearby.

Rose Creek Retreat, Washington

This whimsical campground and sanctuary is located just off of the Lower Columbia River in the picturesque wilderness of Washington State.

It’s 420-friendly, and even offers the option for travelers to sleep in wikiups (which are basically teepees made of forest vegetation). Charming cabins are also available and include fairy lights.


Cannabis-friendly campgrounds are great for any cannabis enthusiast or medical marijuana user looking to immerse themselves in nature. If you’re looking to puff, puff, pass on staying in a hotel, consider a cannabis-friendly campsite for your next 420 vacation.

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