Trying Mitra9 seltzers: bring the kava bar to your living room

kava bar

They say a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down, but what about a bottle full of bubbles? That’s what Mitra9 is doing with their kava-infused fruit-flavored seltzers. The bitter root is found in the South Pacific and is thought to have an anxiety-reducing, euphoric effect. For this reason, kava bars are becoming increasingly popular in the U.S., sparking companies like Mitra9 to create a version best enjoyed at home.

“Mitra9’s approach involves reimagining kava to appeal to a broader audience by eliminating its traditional earthy bitterness, enhancing its portability, and maintaining its benefits, thus redefining the kava experience,” Mitra9 CEO Dallas Vasquez said to GreenState.

The products are meant for health-conscious people interested in alternative wellness beverages. Each can clocks in at 10 to 15 calories, containing 500 mg of kava extract from the Pacific Islands and 150 mg of active kavalactones. Stevia and erythritol are also added for sweetness.

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kava bar
Photo provided by Mitra9, edited by GreenState

Mitra9 is available in Sparkling Lemonade, Strawberry Watermelon, Orange Dreamsicle, and Coconut Lychee, and they sent the suite of flavors to review. Mitra9 also carries Relax Paks, which contain a powder version that can be added to anything from a glass of water to a batch of jello. As for the drinks, we tried them all, but first let’s learn what makes kava special.

What is kava?

The word kava comes from the Pacific Islands of Tonga and Marquesa, and so does the plant. The root and its preparations are also called ‘awa in Hawaii, ‘ava in Samoa, and yaqona in Fiji. Kava is traditionally prepared by chewing it up and spitting it into a cloth. The chewed root is then squeezed, straining the liquid to consume.

Chewing releases kavalactones, the compounds responsible for the possible relaxing, intoxicating effects some feel. That’s the impact Mitra9 hopes to make, but they did the work of releasing kavalactones so people’s jaws don’t have to.

“Our seltzers and powder drinks offer a refreshing and convenient way to enjoy the benefits of kava without sacrificing taste or efficacy,” explained Vasquez. “We prioritize sourcing premium ingredients and employ rigorous quality control measures, ensuring a superior product that resonates with consumers seeking authenticity and wellness.”

As with all supplements, those who are prescribed pharmaceuticals or undergoing treatment of any kind should consult with their primary care provider before adding kava to their day. That said, those who do might be in for some fun.

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Trying Mitra9 kava seltzers

Mitra9 sent over four flavors of kava seltzer and powders to try, and the experience was good. Just a few minutes after drinking, a sensation reminiscent of a classic Headband strain emerges. There was tightness around my dome after drinking half the can, but not an uncomfortable one. Actually, it’s coupled with not having a care in the world. Things feel lighter for an hour after drinking one. I also experienced a minor intoxication more similar to alcohol than cannabis but not as intense as either.

Mitra9 seltzers are an excellent beverage to pop after a stressful day or when looking to unwind on a weekend afternoon. They’re refreshing, come in tantalizing flavors, and relax me–which is saying something. The experience was as intense or intoxicating as alcohol or weed, but it was noteworthy.

I wouldn’t down a Mitra9 seltzer and get behind the wheel immediately, but I would probably feel comfortable driving within 2 hours. The intoxication is slight but present. Best part? No hangover the next day.

Based on this experience, Mitra9 will definitely be on the menu next time I make a euphoric mocktail. It can mellow out the mood and comes in intriguing flavors, all while leaving the hangover behind. Bring on the bubbles, this traditional compound is only made better by the Mitra9 touch.

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