Burger King Thailand releases “Real Cheeseburger” and it’s a certified chonk

Thai burger king

Earlier this week, Burger King restaurants in Thailand released the “Real Cheeseburger,” which ironically contains no burger at all. The limited time offering features twenty cold pieces of cheese between two dry buns, as reported in The Straits Times.

Thai customers can find the menu item for only two days. But the Burger King PR team informed GreenState that the sammy won’t make an appearance in any other markets.

Despite its short run, the literal chunk of cheese has created quite a buzz online. While stoners may often be blamed for supporting iconic food atrocities–this one might not be on us. Though it’s not yet available in the States, Twitter and Redditors on the American side of the internet are curious what marketing team let this through the gates.

The “real cheeseburger”
by u/yo-jin in StupidFood

The hosts of Toronto morning show Breakfast Television tasted the amalgamation live on air, resulting in quite the reaction. All three of them tackled their clearly obligatory bite in their own way, but they all had one thing in common.

The disgust on their faces as they chewed was distinct. Two opted to spit the bite into their napkins. The reaction may be better explained by a photo shared on Reddit entitled “Biggest regret in life” showing the burger cut in half to reveal a thick square glob of cold cheese with added meat patties.

Biggest regret in life
by u/UnexpectedCigarette in StupidFood

Brave souls in Thailand who have sought out the cheese sandwich report that it’s currently a “secret menu item,” so it’s not up on the boards yet. Those willing to take a bite have to inquire at the counter, and in most Thai locations the order will be up in just a few minutes.

At first glance the sandwich appears intriguing to cheese lovers, but most are dissuaded upon realizing the cheese isn’t melted. TikTok user @travisleon1 ate half of it cold and melted the cheese on the other half at home. It seems melting the thing doesn’t change the fact that twenty slices of heavily processed American cheese might not be very delicious.

@travisleon1 Would you eat this? Trying burger kings thailands REAL cheese burger so you dont to #burgerkingth #burgerkingthailand #thailand #thaifood ♬ original sound – Travis Leon

Based on photos, some restaurants layer the cheese with every piece shifted 90 degrees to highlight the corners. But Twitter user @kalukpukpik seems to have gotten a stack straight from the package. At just 109 Thai Baht, or $3.15, some suggest it as a slightly cheaper alternative to buying sliced cheese at the grocery store.

No matter how it’s prepared, most commenters and critics are concerned about how the Real Cheeseburger might move through the system. The poop jokes are abundant, followed by a valid concern for people’s kidneys.

While enough of the right indica strain could inspire someone to try it out, those interested should proceed with caution. As @taiki_taiki puts it on Twitter (as translated from Thai by the app), “Don’t force it. Our lives are valuable.”

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