You’ve heard of sunflower oil. Now, meet sunflow leaf blunts.

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What if we told you there’s a way to get a smoother and longer smoke from your blunt?

This is where the sunflower comes in. Yes, the sunflower.

Turns out, sunflowers are more than just a source of cooking oil and Instagram backdrops. This flower has leaves that can actually make for great blunt material. It is a natural leaf that can elevate your smoking experience and has been used for hundreds of years for smoking tobacco.

But are sunflower leaf blunts worth the hype?

We did a little digging into whether sunflower leaf blunts can actually enhance your experience with cannabis, and what the effects really are.

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Sunflowers haven’t always just been pretty yellow flowers to pick in large fields. In the past, Native Americans actually used sunflowers as an additive to the tobacco they smoked. The seeds can also be eaten, making it a versatile plant.

When rolling a blunt made out of a sunflower leaf, it’s important to remember that these blunts are smooth and take a while to burn. While they are known to smell like a tobacco leaf, the taste is, apparently, very different from a tobacco leaf since there isn’t any nicotine in sunflower leaves.

The benefits of smoking a natural sunflower leaf blunt are that it lasts longer and it cools the smoke more. Because of this, you can get a stronger high. So, if your tolerance is low, don’t pack as much weed in this blunt as you usually would.

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When comparing rolling papers to natural leaf wraps, there are a few differences that stand out, and that can affect your smoking experience.

Rolling papers have a low flavor profile and are pretty popular among smokers. Natural leaf wraps, like sunflower leaf wraps, can offer a better smoking experience since they offer a longer smoke and better flavor.

While natural leaf wraps can dry out quicker, moisture packs are also available to help keep your blunt moisturized.

If you don’t know how to pack your natural leaf blunt, it is easiest to pack them by hand with a tamp. Then you can sit back and enjoy a smooth and long smoke.

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Many reviews of leaf blunts are positive, but you’ll have to try them yourself to decide if it’s right for you.

Sunflower leaf blunts offer many benefits and can give you a better experience when smoking cannabis. But, because they last longer, you may experience a stronger high than you normally would when using sunflower leaf blunts—which is either a really good or really bad thing, depending on your tolerance.

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