What is National CBD Day? A few reasons to put August 8th on your calendar


An estimated 80% of parents believe that CBD and marijuana are the same thing. But the truth is, CBD and traditional cannabis are very different. While providing similar health benefits, CBD does not contain nearly as much THC as traditional cannabis, meaning it generally will not induce psychoactive effects. Additionally, CBD is legal in almost every part of the country, while cannabis remains illegal in most states.

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about CBD. But the day of August 8th, otherwise known as National CBD Day, is raising awareness of what CBD really is, and changing common perceptions about it.

National CBD Day may be less widely celebrated than other canna-holidays, but for those who do choose to celebrate it, it is no less beloved. Here are a few common questions about National CBD Day, answered (and some ways to celebrate).

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What is National CBD Day?

CBD Day is a relatively new holiday celebrating the advent of CBD and the health benefits many people experience from it. On August 8, 2022, people will celebrate this holiday for only the 5th time in history.

A little backstory: Many people in the CBD-using community have for a long time wanted to raise awareness of the wellness benefits of CBD. So, in August 2017, of cbdMD, a prominent CBD manufacturer, asked National Day Calendar to make August 8th National CBD Day. The day was approved in 2018 (incidentally, the same year that the Farm Bill was passed, making CBD federally legal) and has been celebrated ever since.

Why did they choose the date of August 8th? We honestly don’t know. But we’ll take any opportunity to celebrate.

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How do I celebrate National CBD Day?

Good question. Here are a few ideas:

Find new products and deals with #NationalCBDDay

National CBD Day provides an excellent opportunity for those in the CBD business to market their products, and many do so through this hashtag. Just search #NationalCBDDay on any social media platform on August 8th and see what new products come up.

From CBD bubble bath to CBD cocktails, there’s bound to be a new CBD product that sparks your interest. And you’ll probably find some great deals, too.

The Delta 8 Expo

A little after National CBD Day, but fun nonetheless: The Delta 8 Expo is a tour in conjunction with the Physicians CBD Council. It takes place on August 18th and 19th in St. Paul, Minnesota. They currently offer free tickets to access the exhibit floor.

This expo is all about teaching people the benefits of CBD. You’ll find scientists, physicians, researchers, and industry experts among the presenters. It’s also an awesome opportunity to make meaningful connections.

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Cannabis Conference

Another way to meet fellow CBD enthusiasts, The Cannabis Conference is a meet-up for people involved in the CBD and hemp business. While the focus is on growing cannabis with the latest technologies, services, and solutions, many CBD fans visit the event.

It’s mostly for people looking to invest in the industry rather than those that enjoy the benefits of CBD products. Still, it’s a fun opportunity to meet like-minded people. The event runs between the 23rd and 25th of August in Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino.

Celebrating at Home

You might want to consider hosting a CBD-themed event at home. Invite your CBD-loving friends and family and whip up a CBD-infused dish, or bask in a spa treatment using only CBD-infused products.

If your friends aren’t so keen on CBD, it’s an opportunity to raise awareness. And hey, we think any reason is a good reason for a party.


CBD Day is only on the cusp of its fifth anniversary, so it’s quite a young holiday. There’s a lot of buzz around CBD, resulting in more and more events surrounding it. Whether you want to travel across the country to participate in CBD-themed  events, or enjoy a small gathering at home, it can be fun to celebrate this special day.

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