Pumpkin spice cannabis: trending need or passing fancy?

pumpkin spice cannabis

Long before coffee giants popped the ingredients into a latte recipe, pumpkin spice was gracing Grandma’s pies and pound cakes worldwide. Pumpkin spice combines aromatic flavorings used in autumnal treats made with the festive gourd. No hate, though. There are many rightful places for pumpkin spices, but is weed one of them?

The dawn of pumpkin spice-flavored cannabis

As the season of legal cannabis changes, brands have tried their hand at flavoring products with the “Christian girl autumn” delicacy. The most recent attempt comes from Colorado cannabis company Native Roots. The store started selling the Revel Pumpkin Spice vape cart earlier this week.

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“This is just something to add freshness, newness for our customers,” Native Roots spokesperson Buck Dutton said to Axios. “Everybody else is playing in the pumpkin spice world — why not let cannabis, too?”

The cartridge is made with a THC distillate and terpenes crafted using the same compounds found in nutmeg, ginger, and clove. This isn’t the dispensary’s first foray into fall flavors. The company also released the vapes in 2021.

Pumpkin spice cannabis edibles

Those who prefer to eat their spices can check out Milk Barn Farm’s seasonal Pumpkin Spice CBD tincture. The farm crafts the tincture with its sun-grown hemp, pumpkin seed oil, and all the expected spices.

Tillman’s Tranquils also carries an edible pumpkin spice product, but this one contains THC. The brand’s Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice Gummies come highly recommended by the product reviews.

Pumpkin Spice strain

Not all of the pumpkin spice cannabis offerings are crafted in a lab. Sensi Seeds stabilized a strain called Pumpkin Spice from Sour Apple and Animal Cookies. The result is an even hybrid with cerebral qualities and an air of relaxation. The flavor notes of apple with an earthy nuttiness. It’s not an exact match to pumpkin spice, but it still sounds delicious.

There are options when it comes to pumpkin spice cannabis. It can be added to drinks using a tincture, enjoyed in a one-bite gummy, or, for a limited time, puffed through a vape cart. No matter how it’s going in, one thing is for sure: the arrival of pumpkin spice means that it is officially fall.

And what pairs better with leaf peeping, pumpkin patches, and comfy sweaters than a chill high? Aside from a seasonal latte, not much.

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