5 top Diesel strains that’ll get your motor running

Best Diesel Strains

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If you want a cannabis strain that can get you through your day, like an extra boost, you might want to look at one of the most iconic strains around Diesel. This legendary strain feels and tastes just like a racing car, it might seem like it’s only gas at first, but it really is complex and fun to enjoy.

The Diesel family has some famous members, like the true heir to the strain’s throne Sour Diesel or the renegade Blueberry Diesel. Other members have a wider lineage offering unique flavor and aroma profiles.

In this article, we’ve gathered some of the best Diesel strains on the market and some of the shared characteristics between the buds in this weed strain. So if you want to know more about this strain with a love for energy and gas, you’ve come to the right place.

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Best Diesel Strains Key Takeaways

  • The Diesel strain is a sativa-dominant flower with lots of citrusy, peppery, and fuel-like notes.
  • Diesel has a strong skunky aftertaste that will linger in both your palate and wherever you smoke it.
  • Users tend to use this family due to its potential energetic and mood-boosting effects. Some varieties, like Blueberry Diesel or Lemon Diesel, also have a strong body. relaxing effects.
  • Sour Diesel, Lemon Diesel, and Blueberry Diesel are some of the most iconic varieties of this strain family.
  • You can try this family in different forms, including gummies, flowers, premade joints, and more.

A Quick Look at the Best Diesel Strains

  • Blueberry Diesel Strain
  • Lemon Diesel Strain
  • Pineapple Diesel Strain
  • Sour Strawberry Diesel Strain
  • Sour Diesel Strain

What Is the Diesel Strain

If you are looking to get your daily fuel with complex-yet-delicious tokes, meet the Diesel strain. Diesel is a sativa-dominant hybrid that has a very long history within the cannabis community and is loved by many thanks to its fuel-like, skunky notes.

Besides this, breeders have slowly started creating new versions of this iconic strain by crossing it with fruity-flavored strains for a different experience. Thanks to the skunky notes at the end, you can get anything from herbal with a strong dank aftertaste to the perfect fruity and tropical combo that won’t overpower your taste buds or smell.

Let’s take a deep look at the best Diesel strains around, their general appearance, genetics, and what makes the Diesel family so popular in the hemp space.

Diesel Strain Appearance

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The Diesel strain is iconic, with an open look with lots of branches and even a pine-like vibe. Since this strain can get pretty big, you’ll find larger leaves with a light-green color than usual.

Now, the buds are just pure eye candy. The Diesel nugs are usually large and elongated, covered in small resin pellets containing cannabinoid goodies. Some varieties can have large orange hairs that curl up, but most have light-colored green hairs with a faded-like orange tip.

Diesel Strain Genetics

While most hemp breeders have their unique combination nowadays, the general consensus is that it comes from a cross of two sativas, Mexican Sativa and Afghani Sativa. These two strains have been around for decades, which is why they are thought to be the general ancestors of Diesel strains.

That said, the actual origin of the strain is unclear. Some people claim it was first bred by a grower named AJ, who used a mix of Chemdog and Super Skunk about 30 years ago in the 90s. Others say that the Diesel strain, specifically Sour Diesel, were direct descendants of the Skunk family.

Diesel Strain Terpenes

Terpenes are responsible for the aroma, flavor, and effects in cannabis.  They usually change in concentrations and type depending on each type of flower.

For Diesel, most varieties have a high concentration of myrcene, limonene, and pinene. Some strains also have beta-caryophyllene, which adds a peppery or spice-like taste. Thanks to this magic combination, Diesel has that lemony yet herbal and spice-like skunky taste.

Diesel Strain Effects

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Users tend to report feeling an energy boost with this pungent strain. Others have said it gives them a mood uplift and rushes of creativity and focus. So, this strain is generally used to promote creativity, get a general cerebral high, and heighten your perception.

It is rare for people to get side effects, but getting red eyes due to dehydration is relatively common when trying Diesel strains. We recommend hydrating well, even with non-THC varieties, thanks to the terpene combo and general effects of Diesel.

Diesel Strain Reported Flavors

The original skunky fueling strain has a unique aroma, which is why users love this complex bud. At first, it might smell like a mix of diesel and gasoline (hence the name), but the profile slowly develops into a citrusy, pine, and even slightly peppery taste.

Overall, Diesel has a strong sour and earthy smell that translates into a pungent taste profile that lingers on the palate after each toke.

Diesel Strain Growing Info

The Diesel strain and descendants are usually easy to grow, so don’t be afraid to try your green thumb if you like skunky and sour weed profiles. The plant can be grown indoors and outdoors, and it has a flowering time usually around 8 and up to 9 weeks.

This strain prefers warm temperatures and sunny climates, and due to its potent terpene combo, it is usually resistant to both pests and even mold.

While this strain has barely any complications, growers tend to leave enough space for the plants to grow as they can get very tall and even stretchy. So just ensure enough space for growth as this skunky-smelling plant is far from petite.

Strains like Diesel Strain

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Our first choice if you want something close to the original Diesel is the Sour Diesel. What strains make Sour Diesel? Well, it is a crossbreed from Chemdawg and Super Skunk, while other varieties use the original Diesel and DNL, but it depends on the breeder and dispensary.

Other strains we’d recommend are Durban Poison, which has similar mood-boosting effects with a touch of grape, or the Tropicana Cookies if you want something stimulating but more on the sweet side. Gorilla Glue #4 is also a solid option if you want potency and that complex, pungent aftertaste.

Best Diesel Strains

We’ve looked at some of the key characteristics of the Diesel strain, but now let’s have a look at some of the descendants or family members of this iconic dynasty.

1. Blueberry Diesel Strain

Love blueberries, but you wish you could eat them as sour candies? Meet Blueberry Diesel, a strong flower from the Diesel lineage with a unique charm you’ll want to try. With similar effects to strains on the list but a much sweeter profile, it’s the perfect gateway strain toward more complex taste profiles.


Blueberry Diesel has two parent strains, the iconic hybrid Blueberry and the delicious Sour Diesel. That means this treat has a unique personality that is invigorating and energetic but also very tasty.


As an Indica-dominant hybrid, expect a cerebral high paired with waves of body relaxation. Most users look for this strain to calm some stress and anxiety, and its blueberry and diesel notes are perfect for a daytime treat.

Where to Buy It

You can get the Blueberry Diesel from the iconic Botany Farms in a few different options. You can find them by heading over to their site at Botany Farms.

Or, if you prefer a variation with a little bit of citrus zest instead, the Blueberry Diesel Hybrid by Lucy J’s also has flowers available in 3.5g and 7g jars that has both CBD and other cannabinoids to enjoy during daytime.

2. Lemon Diesel Strain

Here’s a strain that will enthrall all lemon lovers. Meet Lemon Diesel, the citrus rebel from the Diesel lineage with a very strong limonene composition. Skunky and with lots of zest-like aromas, this strain is known as the adult version of a Warhead candy.


This hybrid is another hybrid strain that is the offspring of California Sour and Lost Coast OG. With these two parents, Lemon Diesel brings all the citrusy and pungent aromas from both, with a slightly fruity taste.


Due to its indica heritage, you’ll feel the high as soon as you blow smoke. Like other Diesel strains, the effects start like a euphoric buzz that slowly turns into focus and, in some cases, creativity. Expect delicious tart and fruity notes balanced with the pungent, fuel-like aftertaste.

Where to Buy It

You can get this lemon-y rebel from Botany Farms. You can try all their strains here.

3. Pineapple Diesel Strain

Let’s go with the tropical cousin from the Diesel family: Pineapple Diesel. This Sativa-dominant hybrid is delicious and refreshing, like the perfect mix of a summertime drink that has the right amount of sourness.


As you might expect, this strain comes from the iconic Sour Diesel and the Sweet Pineapple strain. This gives this hybrid a super energizing effect with tropical notes that truly make this flower a must-try.


Tastewise, expect a starting tropical fruit note that slowly turns into sour, citrus, and finally, the iconic diesel aftertaste. People tend to use this strain due to its potential energizing effect, especially thanks to its head high.

4. Sour Strawberry Diesel Strain

The delicious Sour Strawberry Diesel nug is among the best sour Diesel strains available. Thanks to the combination of sweet, sour, and creamy, but with a bit of tartness, this flower is great if you have a sweet tooth but do not like air freshener-tasting strains.


This Sativa-dominant hybrid is usually the offspring of Strawberry Cough with Sour Diesel. That makes Sour Strawberry Diesel a very strong flower, with all the energy from the Diesel part and the delicious berry flavor.


Most users describe this strain with a strong cerebral buzz that is slowly matched by a body high. Flavor-wise, expect sweet berry tanginess that turns slowly into something creamy and, finally, the fuel-like aftertaste.

5. Sour Diesel Strain

Some consider Sour Diesel the best diesel strain ever due to its potential and flavor. Other breeders refer to it as the elevated version of the original Diesel since it accentuates its ancestor’s pungent aromatics.

Unlike the original Don (Diesel), Sour Deez has a 60-40% hybrid combination, with strong THC levels of up to 20%. This strain is skunkier and usually prefers drier environments than its family, thanks to the caryophyllene-dominant terpene profile.


This strain is usually the offspring of Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk, meaning it gets all the chemical-like tones from both parents while also getting sativa-like effects that are still body-relaxing.


As you might expect, the Sour Diesel is one of the skunkiest strains around. The plant itself will leave any room exposed to it with its typical peppery, lemony, and chemical-like smell. If you like Blue Cheese and pungent aromas, you’ll love to smoke this flower with that sour candy-like personality.

How We Made Our Top Choices for Best Diesel Strains

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To craft this list of best Diesel strains, we chose their flavor, potency, and terpenes used in each of the products. We also tried looking for diverse products so you can enjoy the strains’ profiles in different forms, like gummies.

In this process, we considered the brands’ reputation, their general customer service, and overall quality to ensure you can get the best out of the power-fueling Diesel strain.

Best Diesel Strains: Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve talked about some of the best sour diesel strains, however, here are some frequent questions we also found in case you still have some things to ask.

How Many Diesel Strains Are There?

There are many diesel strains out there. Some breeders and online sites have records of over 800 different species available. In this article, we’ve discussed some of the most popular and tasty strains out there.

Is the Diesel Strain Indica or Sativa

Most strains nowadays are not considered uniquely sativa or indica due to crossbreeding. The Diesel family is considered to be sativa-leaning in most varieties.

Is Diesel a Strong Strain?

In general, yes, Diesel is a strong strain. Some varieties have high THC levels, like Sour Diesel, with 19-25% of THC. Gorilla Glue #4, an iconic strain in the hemp space and Diesel relative, is also considered very strong. In general, strains from this family can start over 15% and go over 30% of cannabinoid levels.

Best Diesel Strains Final Thoughts

We’ve discussed the Diesel dynasty through this article, including its delicious skunk and fuel-like notes thanks to Beta-Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Pinene, and citrus-y Limonene terpene combo. The true heir, Sour Diesel, is one of the most iconic strains in this family, but the original Diesel is also an incredible option if you want to try an energy-boosting strain with a lot of potencies that can help you get creative.

You can try the Diesel strain family in different products from dispensaries like Botany Farms or MoonWlkr, with varieties like the Lemon Diesel strain or the sweet and sour Blueberry Sour Diesel strain. And with so many types of Diesel flowers, you won’t need big dispensaries to try a variety from this gas-loving family.

Remember, you can try some fruity varieties if you want a sour taste, or even change for something more topical, perfect for a sweet summer strain but not overwhelmingly. Diesel strains can be complex and delicious, so try out some of this list before saying no to fuel-tasting buds.

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