Listen: Pimps of Joytime’s favorite music, marijuana pairings

Photo courtesy of Pimps of Joytime
Photo courtesy of Pimps of Joytime

For over a decade, the New York-based ensemble Pimps of Joytime have dazzled club audiences and huge festivals alike with their radiant songs, drawing on elements of New Orleans jazz, funk, soul and indie-rock to create a crackling sonic stew that is all their own.

Currently on tour in support of their fourth full-length, Third Wall Chronicles, Pimps of Joytime made a recent appearance at The Emerald Cup cannabis festival in Sonoma County, California – basically the cannabis industry’s answer to the Quidditch World Cup.

There, the band – vocalist/guitarist Brian Jay, vocalist Kimberly Dawson, vocalist/percussionist Mayteana Morales and drummer John Staten – caught up with Hash producer Max Savage Levenson in their sweltering trailer to chat about some of their favorite songs to pair with cannabis consumption.

Drawing on a series of selections as vibrant and far-flung as their own material, from the abstract, mesmerizing tape loops to Weather Report and Funkadelic’s deep grooves, the conversation also finds the band ruminating about some of their earliest experiences with cannabis. Listen in for stories of a solo road trip gone awry, the hypnotic power of trippy late night radio shows, a budding obsession with New Orleans soul and more.

Songs heard in this episode:

  • Pimps of Joytime – San Francisco Bound (2007)
  • Dr. John – Walkin’ on Gilded Splinters (1969)
  • Weather Report – Black Market (1976)
  • Cymande – Dove (1972)
  • Stevie Wonder – Sir Duke (1976)
  • Funkadelic – (Not Just) Knee Deep (1979)

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