Why Beboe’s Clement Kwan loves Défoncé chocolate

In the realm of high-end cannabis connoisseurs, few have their finger on the pulse quite like Clement Kwan.

Formerly a major player in the fashion industry – working at companies including Dolce & Gabbana, Theory and Diesel USA – Kwan is now the co-founder of Beboe, a Los Angeles-based cannabis company selling rose gold disposable vapes and elegant infused pastille candies. In a 2017 feature, the New York Times went so far as to call his company “the Hermes of Marijuana.”

When we asked Kwan what products he is most excited about, for our “What’s in your Canna-Kit” series, his answer was as quick as it is tasteful: Défoncé Chocolates.

Made using all-natural ingredients, including single-origin cocoa beans and cannabis, the California-based company sells chocolates available in flavors including Matcha, Hazelnut and Dark.

Kwan prefers the sativa-dominant Milk Chocolate, made with 90 milligrams of THC. A busy guy, he explains that he uses it to relax and for alone time — often he will read a book or take a bath after eating some.

“Everyone needs a little chocolate in their life,” he pointed out.

To hear more about why Kwan loves theDéfoncé Chocolates, listen in to our conversation, as part of the Hash podcast, above.

For more information on Défoncé Chocolates, visit their website.

Défoncé chocolate is in Clement Kwan's canna-kit. Photo: courtesy of Beboe
Défoncé chocolate is in Clement Kwan’s canna-kit. Photo: courtesy of Beboe

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