Where to get a CBD spa in Connecticut


CBD products and stores are popping up everywhere across the United States. The global CBD market is valued at more than $550 million right now, and this figure is forecasted to grow by 28.3% each year. By 2028, the market is expected to exceed $3.1 billion in value.

But CBD isn’t just popping up in stores. It’s also being incorporated into experiences. A popular favorite of these experiences is CBD spas.

What are CBD spas, you ask?

Well, let’s start with the basics: CBD spas incorporate products with CBD in them. For those unfamiliar with CBD, it’s is a compound in cannabis plants that is reported to have anxiety, stress, and pain-relieving effects for some people. It is non-psychoactive, so it generally won’t get you high the way THC would. It can also easily be infused into oral products like tinctures or topical products such as lotions and oils.

CBD products are known to relieve inflammation and pain. It’s why CBD is often used to help people relax.

CBD oil massages have become increasingly popular. Many spas are incorporating CBD products into their pedicures and manicures, as well as deep healing muscle treatments and facials.

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Where to Get a CBD Spa in Connecticut?

CBD treatments are harder to find on the east coast. In the west, spas using CBD products are quite normal and widely available.

But the good news is that CBD spas do exist in the state of Connecticut, though they are few and far between. Here are a few of the ones we found through a quick Google search:

A Touch of Bliss

This spa is located in West Hartford. It has been voted the best spa in the city for several years.

They are known for their CBD ritual massage. It is touted for its anti-inflammatory benefits and for reducing pains in joints and muscles.

Elm City Wellness on Orange

Elm City Wellness is another reputable Connecticut brand. They are located in New Haven.

A popular supplier of CBD products, Elm City Wellness started offering massages back in 2018. While touting their products for muscle pain, they also perform services intended to ease anxiety, depression, and skin irritations.

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J House Spa

J House Spa is located in Greenwich. They are well known for their ­CBD relief topical balm.

It is applied where patients are reporting pain. J House also has a CBD organic facial and uses an Antara CBD oil to yield the greatest benefits for your skin and body.

A New Beginning (ANB) Salon and Spa

ANB is located in Bethel, CT. They offer a CBD add-on to their massage services.

Their therapists apply CBD oil to areas experiencing the most pain. They carry the popular Cannisence brand, which is used for relaxation and discomfort. ANB even offers CBD products for pets.

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Whether you choose a massage or facial, incorporating CBD into your massage treatment has the potential to make you feel a little extra relaxed.

But here’s a word of caution: The effects of CBD are different for everyone. While one treatment may make one person feel free from muscle aches and pains, another person may have the same treatment and feel no relief at all.

The effects of CBD are also little researched, so while there are no known harmful side effects of using normal amounts of CBD products at this time, it’s wise to consult a healthcare provider before incorporating CBD into your health regime to be sure it’s right for you.

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