Where to look for recreational cannabis dispensaries in Connecticut once sales launch


Connecticut legalized recreational cannabis in 2021, but you won’t be able to find dispensaries in the state yet, and probably won’t until early next year when recreational cannabis sales are officially launched.

Even then, not all towns in Connecticut have approved dispensaries opening within their borders. If you want to find cannabis dispensaries in Connecticut, you’ll have to look in specific areas.

But where should you start? What towns or cities will soon be home to recreational cannabis dispensaries?

We got the scoop on where you will most likely be able to find cannabis dispensaries in Connecticut next year.

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Where Can You Expect to Find Dispensaries in Connecticut in 2023?

There are two types of cannabis dispensaries: medical and recreational.

Both of these kinds of dispensaries sell cannabis of all sorts such as edibles, cannabis flower, vapes, topicals, and so on. However, medical dispensaries require customers to show a medical marijuana license in order to purchase cannabis while recreational dispensaries will not.

So far, no recreational cannabis dispensaries are open in Connecticut. But there are plenty of medical cannabis dispensaries throughout the state.

Though recreational cannabis dispensaries have not yet opened in Connecticut, many applications for dispensaries have been approved, and these approved dispensaries lie in several towns and cities in this state. Some towns, however, have decided to not have anything to do with cannabis dispensaries within their borders.

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But what towns and cities in Connecticut plan on welcoming recreational cannabis dispensaries, and what ones will not?

To start, Newington and Hartford have already decided to allow recreational cannabis dispensaries within their borders, and you can expect to see recreational cannabis dispensaries showing up in these towns next year.

You can also expect to see dispensaries showing up in Branford, Bridgeport, Bridgewater, West Hartford, and West Haven.

There have actually been a surprising number of towns in this state that have agreed to cannabis dispensaries. However, some have not decided on this matter yet.

For that reason, if you live in Connecticut, you will want to keep a close eye on the news in the coming months. Certain towns in Connecticut may decide to approve or ban dispensaries soon.

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What Areas Will Not Have Cannabis Dispensaries?

There have been quite a few areas that have not approved cannabis dispensaries in Connecticut. For example, there will be no dispensaries in Waterbury or Waterford. These areas have decided on a moratorium regarding dispensaries.

Harwinton and Hebron won’t have dispensaries either. Groton, Goshen, Granby, and Glastonbury have also banned dispensaries.

If you live near these areas, don’t worry. You shouldn’t have to drive too far to get to a location that will have a dispensary. Also, you should be able to order cannabis online to be delivered to your door. Ordering online is often a great idea for those who are unable to drive to far-away dispensaries.


There will soon be many recreational cannabis dispensaries in Connecticut. Keep an eye out to find out what dispensaries are coming closest to you, and don’t forget that if you’re unable to reach a brick-and-mortar location, you will likely be able to order online.

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