Frost Fine Cannabis: setting the bar high for cannabis in Thailand

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Before coming to Thailand, there were a handful of brands and locations on my radar – Frost Fine Cannabis was definitely one of them. From their beautiful location in Silom, to the work they have been doing in the event and marketing space, I knew this was going to be a brand to keep an eye on. I was lucky enough to be able to score an interview and had a sit down sesh with the wonderful Irene who is managing the day to day at the shop, and an utter blast to speak to. Check out our talk below.

I have to say the interview with Irene and Frost was delightful, and I picked up some merch and a few grams of their best flower while I was there (check out my review of Bangkok’s best weed for more on that). The smoke room onsite is top notch and where we conducted the interview at, so definitely light up when on location. I can easily recommend one of the strains Irene mentioned as well, the Apples and Bananas was a highlight across all dispensaries I tried in Bangkok.

They have also made good on a few items since this interview was initially done in May 2023. Like dropping a seed collaboration with Grandiflora Genetics, based out of Oakland, CA, with three strains in the Pattaya Nightz series: Siam Souffle (Pineapple Pez x Watermelon Zkittlez x Souffle), Soi 420 (Red Velvet x Souffle), and Thai Tea (HAZE x Sweet Tartz x Project 4516). Online ordering for some products has also begun and is available via the website and hopefully merchandise will be coming soon as well.

If you are in Bangkok, the Silom area, or happen to be stopping by the Rolling Loud Festival make sure to drop in and see Frost Fine Cannabis. You can also catch them at any number of shops that are now selling Frost products. Cannot wait to see what this brand has in store for the future but I am definitely following along for the ride.

Note this interview has been edited for clarity.

Josh Freeman: How did Frost get started?

Frost Fine Cannabis: Our parent company actually began as a pineapple juice business. They decided to venture into cannabis since it got legalized in Thailand about a year ago. Yeah, it’s still pretty fresh.

JF: So Thai investment, not foreign investment?

FFC: Exactly, this is all homegrown Thai investment. They brought me on board as their right hand and got a head grower as their left hand. The plan is to run both a dispensary and a grow operation, sort of like a startup. We’re still in those early stages.

JF: Are you growing all the flower here in Thailand already?

FFC: Yes, but since we just kicked off, it took around four months to get our first batch ready. 

JF: Are you dealing with local farmers until then?

FFC: Yes, indeed, we collaborated with local farms for that period.

JF: With so many dispensaries around, how does Frost plan to stand out in the Thai market?

FFC: Well, we’re positioning ourselves as a professional dispensary, not just a solo endeavor like many others. We’ve got both the shop and growing licenses, and that’s why I believe we are and will be the best.

JF: Your shop’s look and feel certainly support that claim. Speaking of which, I’ve seen many shops in California, and quality products really matter. How are you ensuring top-notch quality here?

FFC: Totally agree. Most dispensaries here grow outdoors, but we’ve gone the indoor route, which gives us better control over quality. And besides, our collaboration with Rolling Loud has made our brand more recognizable. People are like, “Oh, this is the shop that partnered with Rolling Loud!” That’s been pretty cool.

frost fine cannabis merch
A selection of merch and apparel at Frost Fine Cannabis. Photo: Josh Freeman

JF: That brings me to my next question. The Rolling Loud partnership definitely caught my attention. Has that helped boost your customer flow?

FFC: Definitely, there was a significant increase. Following the conclusion of Rolling Loud, we saw a notable influx of people visiting the dispensary. They would come in and say, “Hey, I recognize this place from Rolling Loud! Can I check out your products?” Our merchandise, including hoodies, hats, and t-shirts, also gained a lot of attention. It’s been quite cool to witness.

JF: I know from my time at Weedmaps, that event partnerships can be really effective for visibility. Were you personally involved in the on-site activations?

FFC: Absolutely, that’s correct. We had to consistently reach out and follow up, making numerous attempts. And yes, we successfully secured a two-year contract with Rolling Loud. 

Interviewer: So, more partnerships in the future?

FFC: Yep, I believe the next event is planned for December. April was a bit too hot last time. People want to enjoy it without the heat!

JF: I totally get that. So, Frost’s weed. Are you growing everything locally?

FFC: Yes, we’re setting up our grow facility around Bang Na, right here in Bangkok.

JF: Interesting, since many others grow up north in Chiang Mai. Are you finding any impressive strains or plans to work more with local farms?

FFC: We’ll definitely keep collaborating with local farms. Some strains like Apples and Banana and Colt 45 have been received well by customers.

JF: Any plans for creating your own strains in the future?

FFC: Once we’re more established with our grow operation, my boss has hinted at developing our own genetics. It’s quite exciting!

frost fine cannabis marijuana
A variety of top shelf strains awaits at Frost Fine Cannabis. Photo: Josh Freeman

JF: Sounds promising! Moving on, I understand concentrates and vapes aren’t legal yet. Is that something Frost is considering for the future?

FFC: Absolutely, we want to be the most professional dispensary in Thailand, offering a range of products. Right now, we’re focusing on flower, but who knows what the future holds?

JF: Once that process has been worked out, is concentrates something Frost is looking into?

FFC: Absolutely, that’s our aim. Interestingly, many Americans who visit here remark, “This is the first dispensary in Bangkok that truly feels professional and reminiscent of a dispensary in America.” You see, in Thailand, some folks just toss weed into a small container and call it a dispensary – it lacks that polished touch.

Moreover, we’re offering moon rocks as well. The scene here has evolved; currently, we’re allowed to offer flower, and are offering pre-rolls even though they have not been formally permitted. But the dynamics are shifting, people are becoming more open. Imagine visiting a dispensary without having pre-rolls – it’d seem odd, right? Especially for tourists, they don’t typically carry smoking paraphernalia like bongs, they prefer something quick and easy to grab and go. Our smoking lounge caters to this convenience, making it really accessible.

JF: And you roll onsite?

FFC: Yes, we roll in the back of the store. I roll them up myself! We have cones and we fill them up and close up the top.

JF: It’s great to see Frost pushing the boundaries. So, when’s the best time for people to visit the shop?

FFC: Previously we were open from 8 PM to 12 AM, but we actually have extended our hours since a lot of folks enjoy a late-night toke. We’re planning to open until 1 AM starting next week.

JF: Where can people find you at online? And can they order online as well?

FFC: Currently, we’re in the process of setting up our online presence. Our shop has been up and running for just over a month now. It’s all quite new, and interestingly, there’s a lot of demand for our merchandise online. Some folks reside in different provinces, so they’re eager to get a hold of our products digitally.

JF: Last question: Late-night toking and Thai street food, a match made in heaven. Speaking of which, what’s your favorite Thai street food to munch on while high?

FFC: Oh, there’s this delicious sausage stand on the street. They deep-fry them right in front of you. I can’t remember the name, but it’s a total munchie hit.

JF: I’ve definitely had those moments! Thanks so much for this chat, Irene. I had a blast learning about Frost and your plans for the future. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

FFC: You’re welcome! It’s been fun talking with you. We’re excited about the journey ahead, and we hope everyone enjoys what we have to offer. Feel free to drop by anytime!

JF: Will do. Thanks again, Irene. Cheers to Frost’s success!

Irene: Cheers! Take care! And remember, follow us on Instagram (@frost_thailand) to stay updated on our journey!

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