Get paid to smoke weed, the ‘stoner dream job’ is now a reality

stoner dream job

The idea that you could get paid to smoke weed was once a distant dream for many a toker. But that fantasy is now a reality thanks to a new campaign from smoking paper brand DaySavers. They’re looking for a content creator to travel the world, trying the latest cannabis products, calling it the “ultimate stoner dream job.”

The successful applicant will earn “$70,420 annually with bonuses, travel expenses, and other perks included as well,” according to a press release. Job duties will include social media, event marketing, blog writing, and video production—all while smoking weed. The company promises to send their resident stoner to the biggest events in cannabis, like OutsideLands, Champs, Hall of Flowers, and MJBizCon, to name a few. One full-time applicant will be selected, with several part-time “resident stoners” also joining the ranks.

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According to Harrison Bard, co-founder and CEO of DaySavers and parent company Custom Cones USA, the gig was mainly inspired by a desire to showcase the brand’s personality.

“Many of the top rolling paper and pre rolled cone brands are actually owned by big tobacco companies and are not transparent or honest in their marketing, so one of the main missions of DaySavers is to bring truth and transparency to the industry,” Bard told GreenState. “We created the DaySavers Ultimate Stoner Dream Job to find authentic cannabis connoisseurs to help us spread our message directly to the cannabis community.”

“We are thrilled to be launching our Ultimate Stoner Dream Job campaign in the hopes that we will find a dedicated and one-of-a-kind content creator and social media manager to help us build engaging content on our social media platforms,” Bard said in the release.

The cannabis industry has exploded in the last decade, responsible for close to half a million full-time jobs in 2022. Analysts predict major job growth in 2024, especially if cannabis is rescheduled or descheduled. While most of the job titles have been related to retail sales, cultivation manager, or production lead, “professional weed smoker” is a new one.

The “ultimate stoner dream job” is indeed an exciting opportunity for someone who already loves smoking pot and posting online. There will likely be some challenges, including potential social media censorship, but for a creative cannabis content creator, the sky’s the limit with this gig.

“Many people talk about doing what they love, but few actually have the chance to make it a reality. This is a dream opportunity for any cannabis lover,” Bard added in the release.

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