From cannabis lounges to toke tours, here are some of the best 420-friendly things to do in Canada


Cannabis is taken seriously in the Great White North. It was the second country in the world to legalize cannabis (just after Uruguay) and in a 2020 survey, 27% of Canadians said they used cannabis at least once in the previous 12 months. And what’s more, it’s easy to get to from many US states. All these things make Canada an ideal destination for the traveling cannasseur.

But Canada is a massive country with many different tourist attractions. And, as you’re probably all too aware, planning a vacation for cannabis consumers is difficult even in destinations where it is legal.

Where should you go if you want to go on weed tours? Can you enjoy weed in public locations like national parks? What are some popular locations for cannabis enthusiasts in major cities?

To answer all these questions and more, we built a quick guide to planning the ideal, weed-friendly Canadian escape. Here are some ideas for a high-quality Canada vacation:

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1. Stay in one of Canada’s 420-friendly lodging options

You can go on a cannabis retreat in a number of Canadian locations. MaryJane Manor is the first hotel in Canada that provides cannabis-themed boutique experiences.

The hotel is located in Mossleigh, a rural area that is an hour outside of Calgary. You can enjoy cannabis in your room or in lounge areas with other people. The hotel takes reservations for private events, but it is small, so you should plan your event ahead of time so you reserve the space.

Sir Sam’s Inn and Spa is located in Haliburton, Ontario. You can smoke cannabis while at the resort, but you must go outside to do so. Besides cannabis, you can enjoy many activities at the resort, including eating at gourmet restaurants.

Cottaging is a favorite activity of many Canadians. You can rent your own cottage in any rural area of Canada and enjoy outdoor activities. However, some cottages do not allow smoking of any kind. Talk to your cottage owner to see if they allow smoking outside or inside.

Finally, check out HiBnb. HiBnb is a tourism service similar to Airbnb. You can stay at rental properties where you can smoke, and you can find out about cannabis-themed events in Canada. It’s one of the best tools for people who want a more personalized experience.

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2. Take a cannabis tour

If sampling new cannabis products while visiting scenic regions in Canada sounds appealing to you, you’ll want to book a cannabis tour. A cannabis tour can educate you about different businesses and put you in touch with entrepreneurs in the area.

Canada High Tours is a travel company that runs tours in several cities across Canada. While you are enjoying cannabis products, you can go on hikes, make works of art, and view graffiti from local artists.

The Movement Cannabis Tours runs tours in Vancouver. You can go on a walking or vehicle tour and customize the stops to your liking. Each tour is two or three hours long, so you can enjoy a tour in the morning and then go sightseeing for the rest of the day.

If you’re visiting Toronto, you can go on Toronto Toke Tours. You can see various sites around the city and enjoy yoga classes and massages after you’re done smoking.

Cannanaskis runs tours in the Calgary and Rocky Mountains areas. Tour guides can teach you about the history and science of cannabis. Cannabis consumption takes place in the mountains, so you can enjoy incredible views of the countryside as you smoke.

Recreational cannabis consumption has been legal in Canada throughout all provinces since 2019. But each province has its own laws for cannabis use. If you are touring through the provinces, you should review each set of rules so you don’t run into legal problems.

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3. Check out Canada’s scenic parks

Most public locations have banned the consumption of cannabis. However, you are allowed to consume cannabis in campsites on Parks Canada properties and national parks.

Each park has its own rules, so read them before you go camping. In general, you can smoke or eat cannabis while you are inside your RV. You cannot enjoy cannabis while you are in a public facility like a bathroom.

Sharing cannabis with anyone outside of your party is prohibited. But members of your own party can enjoy the cannabis products you buy. Do not consume your cannabis near children or near areas like playgrounds where children gather.

Some parks let you smoke while you are on trails. If you choose to smoke on one of these trails, try to do so in an area where no one else is to avoid disrupting the experience of other people. Extinguish your cigarette fully and do not leave any debris behind, including cannabis buds, as wild animals can eat them and become sick.

Be careful if you decide to go off-trail hiking or biking while high. This is especially important on unmarked trails.

4. Discover cannabis experiences in Toronto, Vancouver, and Edmonton

Each major city in Canada has hot spots for recreational cannabis. The Hotbox Lounge is one of the most famous clubs in Toronto. You can smoke on a patio or go inside to vape and meet new people while enjoying live music.

Vancouver is also a popular place for cannabis tourists. New Amsterdam Cafe offers on-site vape rentals, and you can smoke your own cannabis in the cafe. You can also enjoy baked goods and coffee.

Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta, but it is less popular amongst tourists than Toronto or Vancouver. This makes it a good place to visit if you want to avoid long lines. Aurora Cannabis has a store at the West Edmonton Mall where you can buy new cannabis products, watch movies, and listen to live music.


Cannabis tourism is booming throughout Canada. Many companies offer tours where you can visit shops, sample local products, and see tourist attractions. If you prefer the great outdoors, you can enjoy cannabis at campgrounds in national parks (as long as you do so in compliance with Canadian law, of course).

You can also go on retreats. Resorts like Sir Sam’s are accommodating to cannabis users, and more may offer 420-friendly accommodations in the future. If nightlife is more your scene, spend most of your time in Toronto, Vancouver, and Edmonton.

The Great White North is going green, and now is a great time to get in on all the new experiences it has to offer. Enjoy!

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