Southwestern state is going all in on weed tourism

Arizona weed tourism

The dawn of cannabis legalization produced countless pipe dreams. Entrepreneurs conceptualized weed spas where patrons could puff on a pink joint while soaking in the hot tub or hotels with consumption lounges and poolside cannabis drinks. That is not what happened.

Stringent licensing, regulatory processes, and bans on public consumption and serving infused foods in restaurants work together to make weed hospitality hard to pull off. Despite the challenges, some businesses push the envelope. These Arizona offerings push the envelope, serving as a fun visit for weed tourists.

Cannabis-friendly boutique hotel

Adults-only accommodations at The Clarendon Hotel have been catering to cannabis consumers for years. The hotel offers a wing of weed-friendly suites, where consumption is allowed, and a lounge space for local members and hotel guests to visit. The boutique space has been under roof-to-room renovation for years, so it isn’t yet perfect–but it is something.

Many cities lack a place to consume the weed non-residents purchase legally. There are few to no weed-friendly hotel rooms in cannabis tourist destinations like San Francisco premier hotels. It is novel to have that available in the Phoenix Art District.

Trip Advisor reviewers have praised the cannabis-friendly rooms and options through 2023, sharing their relief felt by having a place to toke as a visiting stoner. There are expert tips, too.

While the Clarendon lets people light up, it seems they haven’t thought down the thought process of a high person. It is BYO-drinking water, and food is a wash. There are no snacks in the room, and late-night munchies are deferred to Grub Hub. Reviewers gave a pro tip to get utensils with food delivery as there aren’t silverware or napkins.

Even with snack-related issues and lower-level in-room luxury, having the ability to consume safely in a hotel room is a blessing on vacation in any legal state. This is a fantastic option for any cannabis-friendly Phoenix visitors.

Dine-in and takeout-infused food

Multi-state chain dispensary The Mint has developed a name for itself in Tempe, Arizona where the storefront is joined by an infused cafe. The Mint Cafe serves hot foods with 50, 100, 250, 500, or 1000 milligrams (mg) of THC alongside baked goods with 25, 50, or 100 mg of THC.

The menu features familiar Southwestern pub fare like tacos, tater tots, chicken wings, pizza, burgers, etc. These dishes are regularly joined by specials like the recently discontinued Desert Dog, a bacon-wrapped hot dog with peppers, pinto beans, and more.


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This isn’t a new establishment, either. The Mint Cafe has long impressed Arizona stoners with cheesy-infused specials. Some of the harshest critics (Redditors) only shared positive experiences about the place.

“It’s decent. I usually go for their desserts or the meal deal if I want a good buzz. They offer a slice and a keef drink!” Jayleeray commented.

This was echoed by a few claims that the pizza is good and that the price includes unlimited toppings. Another commenter added that they have tried the baked goods on multiple occasions. Though delicious, it is a lot of food for someone only interested in a THC effect.

Treat a visit to the Mint Cafe as a special occasion, and beware of going overboard on the dosage. Ideally, people would get a basket of wings and fries to share rather than one person eating a 1000 mg pizza alone. As for engaging things for visiting cannabis lovers to do, Mint Cafe is up there.

The cafe is in a classic suburban sprawl, but either enjoy the weed food in-store before the next tourist activity or get takeout and enjoy the THC pizza elsewhere. Don’t expect curbside ambiance unless you really dig stucco.

To-go cannabis food one stop away is an intriguing offering, and the dispensary brings the same inventive energy. This summer, make a $10 purchase on one of the days when temps reach triple digits and get a free pre-roll–then grab some wings.

Errl Camp

The Errl Cup has been tracking the best concentrates in the game since the state was medical only. Now, the operation has expanded into a full-on campout. Errl Camp is a three-day weed festival on the Verde River in September.

The consumption-friendly festival promises all-day music on the main stage and at campsites. There will also be activities throughout the grounds, like a farm where people can visit with animals. Hike around to find a treehouse to climb around in or a dodgeball game to join. Those interested can fish, canoe, and take in the scenery in the private-stocked lake.

Errl Camp is giving stoners a ticket to 72 acres of land with weed vendors, entertainment, and activities–think summer camp for weed-loving adults.

Arizona creates some fun for weed tourists

Any business or entrepreneur building cannabis hospitality offerings has their work cut out for them, but it isn’t impossible. Arizona is a case study of that fact. Despite few openings for consumption-friendly events and infused fine dining, certain companies have made it work. As the plant inches closer to federal freedom, these experiences and offerings lead the way.

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