Maine clarifies marijuana rules to try to aid medical users


AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) – Maine has clarified some of its marijuana rulemaking procedures in a move supporters said would protect medical users and growers.

The bill to clarify new rulemaking parameters for the state Office of Marijuana Policy went into effect late last month as an emergency measure. Supporters of the proposal said it makes changes to the Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Act to make it easier to understand.

The Maine Legislature approved the bill unanimously. Supporters said Monday the changes will cut down on the need for interpretation in marijuana policy rulemaking. They said that would aid patients, caregivers and small businesses in the industry.

Democratic Rep. Lynne Williams of Bar Harbor sponsored the bill. Williams said it would “provide new safeguards for local caregivers and support our small businesses and the communities in which they operate.”

Maine has legal markets for medical and adult use marijuana. The state’s medical marijuana program is much older.