Fast Five Q&A: Jaclyn Moore, Co-founder and CEO of Big Island Grown

jaclyn moore

For many cannabis companies, a commitment to community is paramount. Whether celebrating the unique culture or uplifting folks in their backyard, brands often seek to stay true to their roots.

Jaclyn Moore runs one such brand. The co-founder and CEO of Hawai’i-based Big Island Grown (BIG) strives to put the people of the Aloha State at the forefront. Serving patients for two decades, Moore has also been a critical advocate for legalization in Hawai’i. As one of the largest employers on the Hamakua Coast, she recognizes the importance of the plant both for consumers and the economy.

Moore answered GreenState’s Fast Five questions, discussing ongoing reform efforts in Hawai’i, her passion for sustainable economies, and the true meaning of being patient-focused.

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GreenState: How did your journey with cannabis begin?

Jaclyn Moore: With over 20 years of experience as a pharmacist, my passion for the plant was initially driven by its therapeutic effectiveness as an opiate alternative and has evolved into a deep appreciation for the culture and sense of community it fosters. 

GS: What is your favorite way to consume?

JM: Ask me after adult use is legalized in Hawaiʻi. 

GS: Big Island Grown is a patient-focused company. What does that mean to you?

JM: Big Island Grown exists to serve patients, and we do this the very best way we can from a product and service standpoint. Many of our team members are registered patients/caregivers themselves, and they contribute knowledge, passion, and feedback that help shape our approach to a patient-first brand experience. 

Big Island Grown continues to focus on new ways of enhancing a patient’s experience in product and service by providing value across multiple touch points so that a patient makes that choice to come in.

GS: Hawaiʻi has a rich cannabis culture, but adult-use efforts have stalled. What’s the current landscape for reform?

JM: Conversations surrounding major policy reform are ramping up. While legislators have been clear they are prioritizing Maui’s wildfire recovery, we are seeing more support for adult use this session than ever before. 

The Attorney General’s Office proposed legislation (SB3335) allowing for adult-use cannabis sales. The proposed policy that would regulate and tax an adult-use industry is becoming increasingly more of the middle ground approach. Tax revenue potential could be significant and could help shore up state finances given the state’s focus on Maui. We remain optimistic.

GS: BIG has a passion for sustainable economies. How do you engage this brand ethos?

JM: BIG approaches sustainability with a triple-bottom-line framework, and we focus on partnerships and activations with those who share a similar vision and passion for this special place. Our kuleana (responsibility) as a leader in Hawaiʻi’s cannabis industry is to set the standard for meaningful local impact, prioritizing the health of our community. 

Strengthening our ties to local farmers and entrepreneurs is our way of contributing to our island economy. When you live and operate a business in the most isolated archipelago in the world, being sustainable is not just a tagline—it’s our way of life.

As Chief Executive Officer of Big Island Grown, Dr. Jaclyn Moore, Pharm.D. has dedicated her professional career to the health and wellbeing of the People of Hawaiʻi. Jaclyn is a firm believer in the therapeutic benefits and application of cannabis. An expert in controlled substances with a deep knowledge of plant-based medicine, she is a recognized leader in Hawaiʻi industry legislative efforts and relationships, and is deeply involved in state-level regulatory affairs. As a committed advocate for positive change to Hawaiʻi’s cannabis policies, Jaclyn is championing equitable access for all.

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