Stoners in this state buy 50% more weed

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Many people think of California as the epicenter of cannabis retail. But as more states across the country legalize the plant, the Golden State is getting its fair share of competition. Michigan recently overtook California as the reigning weed sales leader and new Weedmaps data on New York cannabis sales shows the East Coast is gunning for the crown.

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The analysis deduced that New Yorkers are spending more on marijuana than consumers in other states. The average order on the Weedmaps platform is ​​$123.16 in the Empire State, while the national average is $80.78.

Some may assume the price of pot is higher in New York, leading to bigger bills. However, Weedmaps data showed that the typical basket size is roughly six percent larger than the average, meaning that New Yorkers purchase more products per transaction.

The survey also revealed that New Yorkers buy more edibles than their counterparts, accounting for 27 percent of orders. The national average is 18 percent. On the flip side, cannabis fans in New York aren’t fans of vape pens; they make up roughly 15 percent of orders (10 percent lower than the national average of 25 percent).

The New York cannabis market has struggled to get on its feet, with illicit shops and a slow licensing process leading Governor Kathy Hochul to call the rollout a “disaster.” 

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Advocates hope the data is a sign of a positive trajectory in New York cannabis sales, especially as more licensed dispensaries open throughout the state. 

“Weedmaps has been an early and consistent supporter of the New York cannabis community, and a lot of that groundwork is paying off with the momentum we’re seeing in the NY market today,” Jackie Gonzalez-Becerra, vice president of revenue at Weedmaps said in a press release.

A recent shake-up at the Office of Cannabis Management, along with increased enforcement against illegal pot shops, could be the boost needed for legal weed to win. 

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