The definitive guide to cannabis dispensaries in Beverly, Massachusetts

cannabis dispensaries in beverly massachusetts

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The charming coastal enclave of Beverly has been bustling with green business ever since Massachusetts legalized the purchase, possession, and use of recreational cannabis in 2016. Located just across the Crane River from spooky Salem and a hop, skip, and jump away from Boston, Beverly has cultivated its own identity as a cannabis mecca. From medicinal cannabis obtained with a Massachusetts medical marijuana card (MMJ) to pre-rolls, concentrates, tinctures, and gummies purchased for pure recreation, Beverly and its surrounding areas have something for everyone. 

The following list of cannabis dispensaries in Beverly, Massachusetts, was compiled according to volumes of third-party consumer research. Each of the selected retailers is licensed to sell recreational cannabis in the state of Massachusetts, has top online ratings, employs highly qualified budtenders, and is within driving distance from the heart of Beverly. You’re set up to make an educated and empowered choice with this GreenState guide.


Panacea Wellness

If you’re looking for low prices and competitive deals in the cannabis market, Panacea Wellness in Beverly, MA, should be your first stop. Panacea combines high-quality in-house brands like Betty’s Eddies, Bubby’s Baked, and Nature’s Heritage with knowledgeable budtenders and an unbeatable rewards program. 

You can sign up for Panacea Perks for free and receive instant rewards like $15 off accessories, 25 percent off for veterans, and pre-rolls under $10. 

Panacea is named after the Greek goddess of universal remedy and healing. Their mission is to equip Beverly shoppers with product knowledge and personal insight to select the cannabis product best tailored to their relaxation and enjoyment.



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13 Enon St., Beverly, MA 01915


Sanctuary Medicinals

Looking for recreational or medical cannabis in the Danvers or Woburn areas just outside Beverly? Sanctuary Medicinals is your one-stop shop for pharmaceutical and professional-grade products dispensed by a friendly, highly educated staff. Sanctuary is a North Shore staple for cannabis lovers and many cannabis-curious Bay Staters’ gateway to the wide world of green goodness. 


Sanctuary Danvers offers medical cannabis and is located a single stop south of the Water Park of New England, just off I-95. Sanctuary Woburn sells recreational cannabis with a full menu of pre-rolls, vapes, edibles, and gummies, and it’s perfectly located a short drive from the stunning Middlesex Fells Reservation State Park. A team of highly trained budtenders handpicks everything on the shelves at Sanctuary Medicinals after being lab-tested and unit-dosed to ensure consistency and quality.

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2 Electronics Ave. #20, Danvers, MA 01923

130 Commerce Way, Woburn, MA 01801

Alternative Therapies Group

The purchase, possession, and use of recreational cannabis became legal in Massachusetts in 2016, but Governor Charlie Baker delayed the proceedings by several months. So when recreational cannabis finally came to the Beverly area, Alternative Therapies Group was ready to serve the Salem community. ATG was the first dispensary to serve registered patients medical cannabis in Massachusetts, and they’ve maintained a passionate following in Eastern Massachusetts by pairing quality recreational products with knowledgeable customer support. 

Visit their Salem, Amesbury, or Salisbury locations for cannabis products far more creative and original than you’ll find at your average dispensary. Pick up THC baking kits, sativa fruit bites, and premium cannabis flower. You’re in good hands at ATG.

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50 Grove St., Salem, MA 01970

49 Macy St., Amesbury, MA 01913

107 Elm St., Salisbury, MA 01952


Seagrass is more than a recreational cannabis dispensary. It’s a community center that’s uniting Salem around educated cannabis use. Seagrass has led the charge to make the cannabis industry more sustainable by partnering with Salem Sound Coastwatch to help protect local coastal habitats and marine ecology. They also carry a range of products that employ Sana Packaging tubes, which use 100 percent plant-based hemp packaging, 100 percent reclaimed ocean plastic, and other sustainable materials. 

Visit the Seagrass storefront on Dodge Street just steps from the Salem Harbor Walk for all your vape, concentrate, tincture, and edible needs.

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3 Dodge St., Salem, MA 01970

Cannabis dispensaries in Beverly, Massachusetts FAQ

What is recreational cannabis?

Recreational cannabis is any purchase of cannabis or a cannabis-derived product for non-medical reasons. Medical cannabis purchases require an official Massachusetts medical marijuana card, but recreational cannabis can be purchased by anyone over the age of 21. All you need to purchase, possess, and use recreational cannabis is a state-issued ID that shows your valid age. You should be aware of purchase and possession limits and consult the laws regulating the operation of a motor vehicle after cannabis use.

Can I purchase recreational cannabis as a gift for someone else?

It is legal to gift someone recreational cannabis in Massachusetts, so long as it’s under a certain amount. Massachusetts state law limits the gifting of cannabis to one ounce or under from adult to adult. The same law states that while it is legal to grow cannabis in your own home in Massachusetts, it is illegal to gift anyone homegrown cannabis. Gifted cannabis must be purchased from a licensed dispensary.

Is it legal to drive after using recreational cannabis in MA?

The section of the law regulating the operation of motor vehicles while under the influence of cannabis in Massachusetts is vague, which means you need to be extra careful. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts deems driving under the influence of cannabis illegal, but the state does not test for THC in blood or urine. If you fail a field sobriety test, you may be subject to arrest, probation, educational training, fines, license suspension, and possible jail time. Cannabis must be kept in a sealed, airtight container in the glove box or trunk of a vehicle while driving.

How much does a pack of CBD gummies cost in Beverly, MA?

The cost of a pack of CBD gummies in Beverly, MA will depend on the dispensary from which the gummies are purchased and the brand, dosage, and amount of gummies purchased. Different dispensaries will apply different mark-ups to products as well, so it’s up to the consumer to shop wisely.