GreenState cannabis rankings: best-selling brands in California

best cannabis california

California is one of the biggest cannabis markets in the country. It’s the birthplace of the medical marijuana movement, and the storied Emerald Triangle has a rich culture of cultivation. Things have certainly evolved in the Golden State since adult-use legalization took effect in 2016, begging the question: what’s the best cannabis in California?

GreenState analyzed recent dispensary menu and sales tracking data from Hoodie Analytics to find the top-selling cannabis brands in the state. From top-shelf multi-state brands to homegrown favorites, here’s who came out ahead of the pack.

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Best-selling flower in California – STIIIZY

stiiizy flower best cannabis california
STIIIZY x Rolling Loud flower collab Photo: STIIIZY

STIIIZY is one of the most visible brands on the market today, and for good reason: they sell literally everything. The company rose to prominence with its proprietary vape pods, but the packed flower and pre-rolls soon made a splash. From infused nugs to the exotic line, STIIIZY has bud for every price point.

2nd place – Cannabiotix

3rd place – West Coast Cure

Best-selling edibles in California – Wyld


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Gummies are a popular form factor for edibles, and Wyld dominates the space. Crafted from real fruit and botanical terpenes, the delicious bites are formulated around the experience. Choose from uplifting sativa, relaxing indica, or sleep-inducing CBN for the edibles session of your dreams.

2nd place – Camino

3rd place – Kanha

Best-selling concentrates in California – 710 Labs 


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Premium extract leaders 710 Labs set the standard in California with their incredibly in-demand dabs. The brand’s persy rosin and sauce changed the game, making 710 an elite player. In order to access a wider audience, the company introduced more budget-friendly offerings, including badder and sauce.

2nd place – STIIIZY

3rd place – Raw Garden

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Best-selling pre-rolls in California – Jeeter


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Another famously in-vogue brand, Jeeter offers mini-joints dusted with kief. The company made a splash as soon as it debuted, quickly gaining market share in an increasingly crowded category. The potent pre-rolls are a fan favorite and are in high demand in other markets, as well. Jeeter’s streetwear line only solidified the brand’s visibility. 

2nd place – STIIIZY

3rd place – West Coast Cure

Best-selling vapes in California – STIIIZY

stiiizy best cannabis nevada
Cannabis pods from STIIIZY. Photo: STIIIZY

It’s no surprise STIIIZY is the top vaporizer in California. The unique pod system, the long-lasting battery, and the sleek design made it an instant hit. Factor in the seemingly endless variety of pods, and you have a winner. STIIIZY also has the distinction of intense market penetration, with several licensed retail locations and wide distribution. 

2nd place – PlugPlay

3rd place – Raw Garden

The Golden State is the birthplace of cannabis culture in America, and the rest of the country often looks to the West Coast for what’s hot in weed. Considering how several of these brands have made their way across the nation, it appears that trend is continuing. 


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