This CBN-infused tea may be the key to your next great night of sleep

Kikoko has created proprietary blends of cannabis-infused tea. They are delicious, high quality, and effective.

I have been LOVING Kikoko’s line of cannabis-infused teas and honeys.

My current favorite is Tranquili-Tea. The blend of herbs in the tea is incredible on its own, exactly what I would want in a general sleepytime tea. It includes chamomile, lemon myrtle, peppermint, Valerian root, and more.

And Kikoko adds that magic special ingredient of cannabis.

Have you heard of CBN? It’s another cannabinoid, just like THC and CBD. It is one that is responsible for making you drowsy…

As cannabis continues to enter legal territory and rising in reputation as a powerful, healing plant ally, more research can be done on the plant. And more specific compounds can be isolated.

I’ve drank Tranquili-Tea a couple times now, and trust me friends, it WORKS.

That’s just one of many! Before and during a party for a boost, I drank Sensuali-Tea, the passion and playful tea. After a cannabis workout with Cyntivee, I drank Sympa-Tea that mostly has CBD and other anti-inflammatory herbs, teaming up for amazing recovery.

I have experienced many teas in my life, and I can distinguish when the herbs are of high quality. Kikoko has nailed it in this regard.

Cannabis complemented with brother and sister healing herbs is a match that will send you to heaven and back. They have the power to revive you from feeling dull and sluggish, or help you find the rest that you may truly need in a sleep-deprived society.

This combination can bring you relief in a world where stress has become the standard, and relaxation may feel elusive.

With the cannabis scene becoming more and more widespread and publically accepted, it is critical to grow and scale with integrity.

With brands like Kikoko, who truly represent cannabis and its intersection with health, I feel hopeful that integrity and compassion for people over profits can win out.

As a cannabis healer, I proudly endorse Kikoko’s line of teas and honeys.

Plus, their packaging is stunning. Each is its own unique work of art.

Go forth, drink tea, be healed through the power of plants!


Stephanie Zhu