Poll reveals where Trump voters stand on marijuana

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Support for cannabis reform is at an all-time high. A recent Gallup poll showed 70 percent of Americans favor legalization, and a new survey from Fox News seemingly confirms the number. With nearly seven in ten Americans supporting legalization, some Trump supporters must be part of this group. But how many?

According to the Fox News numbers, 55 percent of GOP voters are pro-legalization. That’s compared to roughly 81 percent of Democrats. Of the Independents polled, 65 percent said weed should be legal.

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When broken down by political candidate, 59 percent of people who plan to vote for former President Donald Trump said they support legalization. Around 80 percent of likely Biden voters are in favor.

It wasn’t just young people who gave pot legalization the OK in the poll. Roughly 55 percent of participants age 65 and older said cannabis should be legal. That’s still lower than the 80 percent of people under 35 who shared the sentiment, but still significant given that many people believe only young voters support the plant.

The survey of 1,126 registered voters showed legal cannabis was more popular than student loan forgiveness. Approximately 69 percent of all respondents favored legalization (45 percent said they “strongly” support it); only 46 percent supported taxpayer money going to student debt.

The Biden camp has leaned heavily into the cannabis conversation in recent months. The DEA officially accepted an HHS recommendation that cannabis be moved from Schedule I to the less restrictive Schedule III, and a number of presidential pardons for federal marijuana offenders have been issued. 

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“It’s simple, Joe Biden smokes sleepy Don on delivering for the American people,” Biden-Harris 2024 campaign spokesperson James Singer recently told Fox News. “After four years of all talk, all failure from Donald Trump, Joe Biden is keeping his promise on marijuana policy, moving America forward, and making America safer.”

It’s unclear whether Trump favors rescheduling or full legalization, but some speculate a win for the Republican could shake up the process. Regardless of the former president’s opinions, it’s clear his constituents want to free the plant.

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