DaVinci’s ‘IQ’ flower vape lacks true genius

DaVinci IQ

DaVinci IQ

For many of those who hover near the top of the portable vaporizer market, DaVinci is a name long synonymous with good vaporizers and they’ve stood the test of time longer than most in this ultra-competitive ancillary arm of the pot biz.

Like their peers industry leaders Pax, DaVinci over the past few years has consistently presented the public with above par vaporizers.

The IQ enters the family as a good vaporizer that might not have hit it off with all the bells and whistles.

Out of the box, you’re looking at a few hour charge via USB cable to really get things going on the move. You can use it while charging and it should get a moderate user through the day. DaVinci sells separate extra battery and charging kits should you really need to blast off.

Courtesy DaVinci

The actual turning on takes a second to master. It says five clicks, but the timing is weird, basically just press the button until it vibrates. The 52 leds front face will begin blinking and you can select from four basic temperature settings they called pathways. The pathways determine the heat variance over a 10-second pull, we only used the two highest settings because we’re going for clouds in the bay. You can also set the vape to a custom temperature.

Waiting for it to heat up is not an extended process, DaVinci bills it as 15 seconds and that seems about right. The lights will stop blinking on whatever setting you’ve selected and you’re good to take your first pull.

We put some fresh Gelato through. With the exception of strains with a lot of the terpene limonene in them and really gassy OG Kush and Sour Diesels, most of the cannabis that will go through your vaporizer will taste fairly similar. The IQ flavor was reasonable and we got a personal amount of use before before it started to taste like popcorn, the universal sign that it’s time to repack your vape.

While the pulls weren’t like squeezing a jumbo volcano vaporizer bag, they had a decent thickness to them.

The companion app for the IQ was not as successful and more of a novelty, and people were not impressed if you check the Google Play Store. Regardless it doesn’t have an effect on the quality of the experience.

If you want to look extra goofy, there is a sweet adapter available to attach the IQ to your water pipe.

All in all, you’ll have one of the better portable vaporizer experiences out there, but it leaves room for improvement.

DaVinci IQ

DaVinci IQ
  • Price: $274.99
  • Type: Portable
  • Compatible with: Flowers
  • Special Feature(s): 52-LED array
  • Target Demographic: Tech-focused dads on the receiving end of a gift card

Not bad.

Fast warm-up

About 15 seconds.

Smarthpone App

Needs work.

Long charges

USB cable cannot handle big power transfers.

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