The best new strains of 2017, according to Cali Connection

Cali Connection seeds strains
Cali Connection seeds strains. SOURCE: Courtesy of Cali Connection

What strains should you be looking out for this year?

In the second half of our “The Hash” podcast (subscribe on iTunes) conversation with Swerve – founder of The Cali Connection Seed Company – we get an inside glimpse into the state of the seed game in 2017.

We asked Swerve about the strains he is most excited about in 2017, and he explained that The Cali Connection is focused on “pushing the CBD envelope again, actively chasing the 1:1 ratio,” before adding that “it’s a terpene-driven industry right now.”

“Everyone went from where I catered, the strength game, to the chill ride, and the flavor, and the taste.”

Swerve joined us in San Francisco for this interview; he was in town to present his company to a Twitter-affiliated venture capital group. How exactly is he pitching the company, you might ask?

“It all starts from a seed,” he tells us. “Everybody seems to forget that if California adopts a seed-to-sale [model], you will need to know how to…maintain your garden in general. We’re gonna help you come back to the beginning. We’re offering opportunity to get in on this at the ground floor.”

How much is he asking for? 1.5 million bucks.

Swerve is quick to point out that the industry needs to accept that big money is entering the pot game, whether we want to admit it or not. “When you have places like Kentucky and Florida that are looking at legalization, it’s kind of mind-boggling,” he says. “If we stop now, it will be like prohibition.”

For more insights into how the Cali Connection is managing its empire – producing up to half a million seeds per year – take a listen to the podcast, above.

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