Curated 420 kits for the weed enthusiast

420 subscription boxes

There are many ways to celebrate 4/20, and most of them include consuming cannabis. Newcomers may be worried about their weed kit stacking up to the festivities. For that camp, a cannabis subscription box might be the perfect addition.

Subscription boxes can be monthly or one-time purchases; many also have individual products available. What lies within a box depends on the brand, but generally, there are pieces to smoke out of: lighters, bangers, stickers, and more. GreenState checked in with some of the most popular weed subscription kits this month.


420 subscription boxes

Cannabox is a beloved cannabis kit company that combines in-house-made glass and other products alongside some of the best tech in the space. The brand also seeks out small businesses to feature when possible.

This month the box is named Cloud Nine with ethereal cloud-themed accessories and gear. The kit includes a groovy Dodger blue cloud bong and a royal blue Head in the Clouds shirt to wear while hitting it. It also has king-size papers, hemp wick, custom stickers, and a CandleBudz terpene-infused candle.

420 subscription boxes
Photo provided by Cannabox

The Hemper Box

420 subscription boxes
Photo provided by Hemper

The Hemper Box is shooting beyond the clouds this 4/20 in the Space Fleet Box with out-of-this-world accessories. This month features the Space Fleet Bong with a chamber shaped like an astronaut’s head. Those who opt for the Mini Box will receive a space shuttle pipe instead.

420 subscription boxes
Photo provided by Hemper

Along with the thematic glass, those who order a Hemper Box in April will get hemp wick, bowls, a Hemper Keeper stash container and grinder, and more. The XL box goes even deeper with a mini Moon glass piece and a long list of accessories. Shoot to the moon on 4/20 with this Hemper-supplied space sesh.

Daily High Club


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Come back down to earth with the Daily High Club and celebrate another part of stoner culture: a love for tacos. The Daily High Club Combo #420 Box is complete with a taco dab rig and a silicone sloth pipe. Keep the taqueria vibes going with a nacho cheese air freshener and taco clipper lighter alongside stickers, papers, a bowl, a banger, and a sloth dab mat.

Stoney Babe Box

Ethereal vibes are strong with the angel-themed April Stoney Babe Box. The Highest Angel Box has a novelty smoking piece and other themed goodies. Enter your own angel era with the secret accessories included in this 4/20-ready subscription box. The babes famously don’t give up more info than that but peruse the other offerings on the site to see if this box might have the perfect goods.

Subscription boxes for 4/20

Having novelty pieces on hand to christen for 4/20 can add a fun air to an already exciting day. These 420 subscription boxes are for the stoners with their heads in the clouds, stars, or a taco truck. Get an all-in-one weed kit; just add weed.

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