The secret to hosting a trippy shroom movie night

how to setup shroom movie night

There are lots of ways to enjoy a dose of psilocybin, also known as magic mushrooms. Going out into nature and appreciating the repeating patterns of leaves is one way, and cozying up with movies to watch on shrooms is another. Watching a movie while under the effect of psilocybin can feel extra silly or more profound—it depends on the person and the movie. With a good group of friends, it can be the perfect way to spend a psychedelic evening.

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Psilocybin mushrooms are federally illegal, so those who don’t live in a place where psilocybin is decriminalized might opt for legal psychedelic mushrooms instead. Now that that’s out of the way let’s get into what it takes to throw a shroom movie night to remember.

Have lots of blankets

Comfort is crucial when watching a movie on shrooms. Offer an array of blankets in various sizes and textures so everyone is happy. One person might want warmth while the other may want to wrap themselves into it like a taquito. Have options available if possible, or even ask everyone to bring their own favorite blankie. When people are cozy on mushrooms, they’re more apt to focus in on a feature film.

Water for everyone

Staying hydrated on psilocybin leads to a much more enjoyable experience. Have a carafe of water and glasses at hand before dosing. Once the crew is peaking, getting the hydration station together might feel like a mission to the Moon. Bubble water might be fun, but classic flat water is the best for hydration, which is ideal when tripping. Add bright herbs like thyme, mint, and rosemary with lemon or lime for an added kick.

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Soft lighting

Trippy movie night tip: don’t use the big light. However, having all the lights off might feel a little too dark for some. Add a little moody lighting to keep it easy on the eyes while still illuminating the route to the bathroom.

There are so many cool ambient lights available these days. Grab the WaveQube for an underwater moment on the ceiling, or check out the array of mushroom lamps giving off soft lighting. Hanging white twinkle lights would also fit the mood.

No fear of changing the plan

All the planning in the world can’t change the minds of a bunch of people on mushrooms who don’t feel like watching a movie. The most important thing to prepare for a shroom movie night is your expectations. The first way to do this is to have multiple options. Maybe one comedy, one animation, and a heartfelt indie flick will balance out people’s tastes.

But sometimes the screen doesn’t go on. If the group wants to go look at the stars or listen to music and vibe, then so be it. Go into the experience with a malleable view of what the trip will look like, which will help make a transition away from a tailored trippy movie night feel less intense in the moment.

Hosting a shroom movie night

Having a good group of friends over to partake in some psilocybin and ponder on Howl’s Moving Castle could be a night to remember. That’s definitely true if you follow these steps of comfort, hydration, and being a fun-guy.

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