Marlon “Chito” Vera reveals 420 training secret ahead of UFC title bout


MAISON BLOOM has some big news. Ultimate fighter Marlon “Chito” Vera officially stepped into the role of owner and partner at the company, signaling that MAISON BLOOM is in its health era.

“I really wanted to step into a role as an invested partner with a brand and group of people who remind me of me – scrappy fighters dedicated to the vision of infused beverages and pushing the boundaries of excellence,” newly-appointed MAISON BLOOM head of wellness Marlon “Chito” Vera said in a press release.

Revealing the knockout partnership

MAISON BLOOM teased the partnership with a series of riddles on socials reading clues like: “I soar like an eagle in a cage where I reign supreme. With every move, I fulfill my wildest dream. Crack this puzzle, it’s not hard to unravel, I’m a warrior, ready to travel! Who am I?”

Games aside, the partnership grew organically since the values of the beverage brand align with Vera’s lifestyle mission. The fighter was set up with MAISON BLOOM CEO Nathan Johnson by a mutual friend that saw the synergistic potential.

“Once connected, our vibrant personalities immediately started building upon the ideas each of us have for what it means to truly live your best life yet. With a sincere connection felt both instantaneous and energizing, we say undeniable synergy – Chito with is his undeniable flair and MAISON BLOOM with our unwavering dedication to crafting the pinnacle of better-for-you beverages,” Johnson said to GreenState.

Chito lives “always ready,” meaning he maintains the same lifestyle in pre-fight training and his off-time. The title contender practices mindfulness while remaining steadfast in a fitness and nutrition routine, on track for a March 9th UFC title bout against Sean O’Malley. This lifestyle includes functional drinks like hemp, which has sparked a new challenge.

Introducing: the Chito Challenge

MAISON BLOOM will roll out a series of offerings and engagements as part of the Chito Challenge. The fun is meant to welcome both the practiced and curious newcomers to learn about how cannabis drinks can be used as a wellness tool.

“The world of functional drinks is the future, and that is why we use only the best ingredients to make the best products. We are on our way to ensure that MAISON BLOOM is the absolute best in the craft-infused beverage category,” Vera said.

Vera is purpose-driven, which is shown in his approach to being a celebrity cannabis owner. While many athletes, musicians, and actors have joined the industry, few have done so with a mission. marlon chito vera

Photo provided by MAISON BLOOM

MAISION BLOOM welcomes Marlon “Chito” Vera

MAISON BLOOM has long been passionate about elevating the cannabis beverage game. The company was a child of the pandemic, materializing during the first lockdown. Each can promise low and natural sugars, GMO and additive-free, and the flavor of a home-shaken drink. They are all made with pure, plant-based ingredients. Vera’s favorite flavor is Strawberry Provençal + Lemongrass.

His entrance is paired with a full-on expansion from MAISON BLOOM. The flower-powered hemp-THC bevvies are available now online. They will also be distributed to convenience stores, bodegas, and a network of hospitality partners, bringing the MAISON mission of wellness to more people than ever.

“The only life worth living is one where you are performing at your best. I want to change the perception of infused beverages. MAISON BLOOM has brought its incredible beverages to the U.S., with no shortcuts, the right way—and we plan on being No. 1,” Vera concluded.

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