GreenState gift guide: the canna-curious collection

canna curious gift guide

Is someone in your life dipping their toes in the weed pool? This gift guide geared toward the canna-curious has products perfect for the plant newbies. Just remember to follow the guidance on gifting green before you hit the dispensary.

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It’s All About Choices Edibles Packets

it's all about choices packets
From drink mixes to garlic mashed potatoes, It’s All About Choices has an edible for everyone Photo: Hudson Cutler & Co.

Straying away from the traditional gummies and pot brownies, edibles brand It’s All About Choices offers a fresh and unique way to eat your green. With an ever-evolving catalog of 100+ packets, featuring cookies, crackers, drinks, and even soup mixes, It’s All About Choices has an infused option for every meal. Available in California. Prices vary,

Garden Society Rosettes Joints

garden soceity joints canna curious gift guide
Garden Society THCV joints are uplifting and mild

Pretty, pleasing, and perfectly potent, Sonoma-based Garden Society offers flower, joints, chocolates, and tantalizing Wine Country-inspired gummies infused with a range of cannabinoids. Their THCV line is especially appealing, as the cannabinoid provides a clear and focused effect minus the anxiety or overt high. Available in California and Ohio. Prices vary,

Wana Optimals Gummies

wana optimals gummies
Wana Optimals are fast-acting gummies to help you sleep Photo: Wana

One of the most common uses cases for cannabis is sleep, and the Optimals line by Wana promises relief. Formulated with a blend of cannabinoids and terpenes designed to help people get a good night’s rest, these gummies will be the gift that keeps on giving. Available in Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, and Ohio. Prices vary,

Halara Vape Carts

halara vapes
Halara vape carts come in a variety of cannabinoid blends to meet every need Photo: Halara

Formulated by chemical engineers with a passion for plant science and education, Halara vape carts contain premium oil in THC, CBD, and CBN blends. These carts are perfect for people who need quick relief but may want an alternative to smoking. Available in California. Prices vary,

Zenn Enlightening THC Tonic

zenn paloma drinks canna curious git guide
THC-infused beverages by Zenn offer a familiar entry point to cannabis Photo: Superior Molecular

Cannabis beverages are becoming more and more popular, and the Zenn Enlightening THC Tonic line is a deliciously refreshing way to tap into the trend. Available in six tantalizing flavors, these delightful drinks could become the new go-to. Prices vary,

Paradiso Flower

paradiso flower canna curious gift guide
Paradiso flower is inspired by the Pacific Central Coast Photo: Zoe Nissman

If your canna-curious loved one wants a full flower experience, Paradiso is a great choice. The well-crafted buds and pretty packaging make this brand approachable and fun. Available in California. Prices vary,

Smoakland Gummies

smoakland gummies canna curious gift guide
Smoakland gummies are tasty and effective Photo: Smoakland

Everyone loves a good gummy, and the house brand from Bay Area cannabis delivery company Smoakland are the quintessential confection. Fast-acting and flavorful, these sweet treats are sure to put a smile on any face. Available in California. Prices vary,

Weekenders Pre-Rolls

weekenders joints canna curious gift guide
Effects-based joints by Weekenders Photo: Weekenders

Weekenders is a brand dedicated to enhancing your lifestyle, whether you want to chill or play. Their sun-grown cannabis line comes in a variety of single strain and CBD blends, offering plenty of options for every occasion. Available in California and New York. Prices vary,

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