Denver Nuggets first NBA Finals run honored with new player-inspired cannabis strains

Denver Nuggets celebrate Western conference win Denver Nuggets cannabis

The Denver Nuggets are about to start their first NBA Finals run in franchise history, and the enthusiasm from fans has reached a fever pitch. For Colorado cannabis cultivator and breeder Jason MacLean, it’s the perfect opportunity to combine two of his greatest loves.

MacLean, a co-founder of the cannabis brand Cherry, recently expanded his business to include genetics. Coool Beans offers a wide range of seeds for both home growers and commercial cultivators alike. While developing his catalog, the Nuggets mega-fan decided to name two of his new creations in honor of his beloved team.

“I’m a die-hard fan,” MacLean told Westword. “As I pulled down all these new strains, I thought, ‘Why not join my two favorite passions?'”

The first strain, dubbed “The Joker,” is named after Nuggets center Nikola Jokic, a two-time NBA MVP. A cross of Gary Payton and Bernie Hanna Butter, the variety is powerful yet smooth. The second offering, an homage to point guard Jamal Murray, is a heavy-hitting Quicksand x Dank Dough cross called “Blue Arrow.”

MacLean told Westword’s Thomas Mitchell he has a special place in his heart for Jokic, being that they’re both of Serbian descent. He noted that he gave extra care to develop Jokic’s namesake strain.

“For the Joker strain, I started with Gary Payton because he was also a great player, and then went with the Bernie Hana Butter because Jokic’s game is butter,” MacLean explained. “Gary Payton is an amazing crosser for breeders, so I’m hoping to get some structure, color, and gas and OG notes there, and then some creaminess from the Bernie Hana.”

MacLean, a former high school basketball player, is hoping his Nuggets-themed offerings will pique the interest of the team. Now that NBA players are allowed to consume cannabis and invest in plant-touching companies, MacLean is likely dreaming of the day when he can share a joint of the Joker with Jokic himself.

“You do kind of wonder if they’ll ever smoke these when you make them,” he said. “Who wouldn’t want to work with NBA players?”


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