How to infuse Cannabis into your holiday party—like a grown-up

If you’re like many Americans, you may have decided to make cannabis the star of your holiday celebration this year instead of alcohol. Recent polling has shown alcohol falling from grace for gen-z and millennial users, while cannabis use is steadily on the rise. On top of that, nearly half of adults using cannabis in the U.S. replaced or reduced their alcohol use with cannabis during the pandemic.

But dreaming of a green Christmas and actually pulling it off are two very different things. You and your friends are sophisticated individuals, and serving cannabis at a party makes you think of something more fratty than festive.

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Never fear, for cannabis can, in fact, be just as classy as you are. Here’s how to infuse cannabis into a mature, respectable, totally-not-college-y holiday shindig.

Infuse Your Menu

If you want to make your holiday party extra lit, consider weaving some cannabis into the courses you serve.

An entire canna-infused meal could be a bit much for guests (and yourself) to handle. But you could always consider making cannabis-infused drinks or marijuana edibles for dessert.

If you really want to be bold with your baking, try this cannabis-infused Apple Tarte Tatin from the kitchen of GreenState contributor Kathryn Cannon.

Deck the Halls with Dank Decor

Brace yourself: there are ways you can utilize cannabis decor that won’t involve Bob Marley posters. Christmas is a holiday that naturally uses tons of greens and trees, so you can easily weave marijuana into your party decor.

Feel free to put up some leaves and snowflakes on your walls to create a stoner-friendly winter wonderland. Use some of your bigger buds as Christmas “trees” for really unique decorations, or go the extra mile and place cannabis Christmas ornaments on the tree as fun Easter eggs, or rather, nugs, for your guests to discover.

Try Ganjabread

You’ve heard of gingerbread houses, but have you ever tried ganjabread?

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Yes, you can infuse cannabutter into gingerbread recipes. Use cannabis-infused gingerbread to create a weed-themed gingerbread house and take your holiday decor to a higher level. Constructing a ganjabread house gives you a beautiful and edible centerpiece your guests will love.

Pro tip: If you want to go all-out, use cannabutter in the gingerbread batter and frosting, and pick up a few edible gummies for decorative candy.  Your favorite dispensary could even have a few festive treats like cannabis candy canes that you can use.

Invest in the Little Things

It’s the tasteful details that make or break a holiday party. Think about the little things you have control over that can help make your cannabis holiday party more, might we say, dank.

Find some festive rolling paper for joints, or keep all of your prerolled joints on a festive platter. You could also pick a fun holiday stoner flick to have on in the background, like “The Night Before.”

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Provide 420 Friendly Goodie Bags

Goodie bags aren’t just for birthday parties and weddings. If you want to host a party they won’t forget, providing 420 friendly goodie bags filled with different cannabis products for everyone is a great way to leave a lasting impression.

Do you have a little extra candy from making your ganjabread house? Feel free to send guests home with your infused leftovers. Better yet, give your guests some ganjabread men.

Stay Safe

Make sure to clearly label any cannabis-infused snacks, and if you can, add in any information around THC and CBD levels. Designate certain areas of the house as smoke/vape friendly so people that aren’t partaking have a place to relax.

Some guests may not want to consume cannabis. Others may be interested, but also want to ensure things won’t get too out of control. Regardless of what people want, you can make sure everyone has a great time by listening to their needs and being mindful of safety.

Plan Your Cannabis Party Like a Pro

If you live in a state where recreational cannabis is legal, a holiday party where cannabis is the guest of honor could be just what you need this year. When you focus on food, decor, and safety, you can ensure that everyone has a blast regardless of if they want to partake, or partoke.

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