Psychedelics and health at the forefront for upcoming Wonderland Miami

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The psychedelic space is heating up. More people are interested in the myriad potential benefits, and the market is projected to balloon to a value of nearly $12 billion by 2029.

Wonderland Miami is at the epicenter of this emerging space. Attracting researchers, entrepreneurs, tech gurus, and everyone in between, the conference is a dynamic mix of people interested in psychedelics and beyond.

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According to Wonderland Conference’s CEO Connor Haslam, the event aims to unite the movement to accelerate progress and spark important debate.

“We see a future where psychedelics and other advances lead to healthier, more vibrant lives,” Haslam said in a statement sent to GreenState

This year’s event, taking place November 9th-11th, will feature a wide range of speakers covering the latest in psychedelics. But that’s not all—the conference will also touch on biohacking, longevity, mental health, art, and more.

Previous iterations of the event focused on psychedelics, but the key theme is improving health and wellness. Since the psychedelic is playing out as such, it’s clear that adding overlapping content to the agenda makes sense for Wonderland organizers.

“Psychedelic medicine holds tremendous promise, but unlocking its full potential requires asking tough questions,” Haslam added. “How do we balance innovation with caution? Can these therapies reach all patient populations equitably?” 

Dr. Amy Reichelt, Ph.D., the chief innovation officer of PurMinds NeuroPharma, told GreenState she’s looking forward to creating dialogue at Wonderland. Reichelt is moderating a panel titled “Designing the Future: Safer and Effective Psychoactive Compounds for Mental Health.”

“I’m eager to tackle these crucial questions alongside leading minds in this space,” Reichelt said. “By openly sharing knowledge and diverse perspectives, I believe we can chart an ethical roadmap for mental health progress.” 

Agenda features scientists, tech entrepreneurs

The Wonderland conference is jam-packed with content, boasting over 250 speakers. Some of the more high-profile guests include VICE host Hamilton Morris and former Braintree Venmo CEO Bryan Johnson, who is expected to discuss his protocols for health rejuvenation.

Some of the anticipated R&D updates include psychedelic biotech company Cybin, which recently received two new US patents for their proprietary deuterated DMT. A presentation on the pioneering mental health work in Oregon and Colorado is also expected to shine a light on the nation’s first legal psychedelic markets.

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GreenState is particularly interested in panels on Indigenous allyship, women’s biology and psychedelics, and responsible reporting on mental health. A talk titled “Tales from the Underground” should also be intriguing, as it explores the journey of psychedelics from counterculture to the mainstream.

Community events round out Wonderland week

The long list of panels and avant-garde exhibitors isn’t the end of Wonderland’s agenda. The annual Wonderland Awards will be given out on day one and coincide with an immersive comedy show from Shane Mauss.

An array of after-parties, community gatherings, and even free-play soccer are all options for event attendees. Journalist and consultant Dr. Sara Brittany Somerset is looking forward to a veteran’s benefit dinner presented by Ketamine Taskforce on November 9th.

“Assisting the Ketamine Taskforce’s mission to have ketamine therapy covered by U.S. health insurance companies is important to me,” Somerset told GreenState. “My father is a veteran, and I believe all veterans deserve access to therapies that can potentially help them overcome trauma and PTSD.”

Whether curious about plant medicine for healing trauma or the radical science behind anti-aging trends, Wonderland seemingly has something for everyone. And with interest around psychedelics and adjacent topics at a fever pitch, it’s sure to be one of the most intriguing events of the year.


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