Cannabis-user? Yes. Mom? Also yes. Here are 4 pro-cannabis momfluencers we’re following right now


As cannabis prohibition has become a thing of the past in several states, more people are feeling comfortable publicly talking about using cannabis. For parents, however, this can be tricky.

Even in parts of the country where cannabis is legal, the stigma around parents using cannabis persists, especially for women.

But now more than ever, many women are breaking down stigmas and proudly showing that being a great mom and enjoying a toke are not mutually exclusive.

In honor of Women’s History Month, we at GreenState are celebrating the trailblazing moms who are getting real about cannabis use on social media. Here are the top cannabis-loving momfluencers (yes, that’s a thing) we’re following right now.

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1. Shonitria Anthony @bluntblowinmama


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Created by Shonitria Anthony, the @bluntblowinmama account is all about normalizing cannabis use for moms. Based in Los Angeles, Shonitria is a former editor for ABC News and HuffPost. She also has a Master’s degree in Journalism from Columbia.

She created her account when she decided to stop hiding her cannabis use, and couldn’t find other women who were proud and open about their use of the product. She uses her Instagram account to promote helpful cannabis-focused workshops and even has an official Blunt Blowin’ Mama clothing line.

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2. Caitlin Fladager @caitlinfladager


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Boasting over 600k followers, Caitlin Fladager is a Vancouver-based social media influencer. She speaks openly about motherhood, mental health, and marijuana. Through her account, she primarily posts reels. These use trending sounds to bring awareness to breaking the stigma about moms who use cannabis.

Caitlin specifically talks about being open with her kids about her use of marijuana and why she feels it’s important to do so. She also addresses society’s double standards for moms, particularly when it comes to alcohol vs. cannabis use.

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3. Rachel Burkons @smokesipsavor


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Rachel Burkons, the mom behind Smoke Sip Savor is a proud cannabis user with a background in culinary and hospitality. She normalizes cannabis use by sharing infused food and drink recipes that will appeal to just about everyone.

In 2016, Rachel and her chef brother even co-founded a culinary cannabis hospitality and events company. Called Altered Plates, they’ve since worked alongside some of the biggest cannabis brands. Rachel and her family live in Los Angeles.

4. Christina Cassidy-Forbrich @thecanncierge


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@thecanncierge is owned by Christina Cassidy-Forbrich. Her account provides advocacy and education to women, seniors, and those who are new to the world of cannabis. Christina destigmatizes marijuana use through her posts and offers consultation services virtually.

She also hosts events for like-minded moms, like her Women’s Weed Nights and Wee(d)kend Retreats in the San Diego area. Through these events, she teaches about the latest cannabis research, leads nature excursions, and provides a place for women to bond over their use of marijuana.


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