A salute to moms who use cannabis

cannabis moms

Cannabis moms. A taboo subject line and topic of discussion. Especially during the last century, a time when the plant has been in a state of prohibition, classified as a Schedule I drug and inherently deemed evil. Mothers wouldn’t dare dance with the devil’s lettuce, let alone discuss it. 

But as the saying goes, the times are changing. More than half of the States in America have medical and/or adult-use cannabis programs, and just last week, we learned the DEA might reschedule cannabis to a Schedule III. We can safely and legally access cannabis flower and infused products in beautifully designed stores from highly educated staff. Though, one conversation that seems to still happen in secrecy is cannabis and motherhood.

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Recently, I saw a bumper sticker on a car that said, “Having wine with lunch isn’t a crime,” and it made me wonder what if I had a bumper sticker that said something cheeky like “Cannabis Mom Club” or “This Mom is Fueled on OG.” Can you imagine?! I would likely be pulled over more, get a few side eyes in the school drop-off line, and probably have some moms not allow their kids to hang out with mine. And my question to anyone who would side-eye me or second-guess me as a parent because I consume cannabis is… why? 

Cannabis is an amazing tool for humans to access for a plethora of reasons, from stress and pain relief to aiding in sleep, managing symptoms of autoimmune diseases, and so much more. Inside of our bodies, we have endocannabinoid systems, CB1 and CB2 Receptors that connect with the cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. The terpenes are a component of the plant’s aromatic and flavor features, and also aid in the effects the strains have on our minds and bodies. Developing a personal regiment with cannabis that’s dialed into specific cannabinoids, terpenes, and strains can benefit one’s life in a massive way. 

Much of my personal cannabis use, experiences, and regimens are centered around, like most everything else in my life, my son. He is the most important being in my world, and I want to ensure that I give him the best, including my best self, every day. Part of me being at my best self, though, is using cannabis.  

It allows me to connect on a deeper level and more creatively with his 4.5-year-old brain. And when his 4.5-year-old antics start to wild out, cannabis allows me to respond to the situations rather than react. Having a more responsive nature and less reactive behavior with kids helps to diffuse their emotions and mighty meltdowns. Rolling a joint to share with my husband or a friend creates a space for human connection and conversation that is relaxed and oftentimes provokes a good amount of laughter, which we know is the best medicine! 

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 As a parent and cannabis connoisseur, I have a profound love and appreciation for concentrates—for their incredibly potent power, effects, and the most supreme flavor and experience the plant provides. The advances in the concentrates category have become an essential accessory to parenting in our generation. Being able to sneak a hit of a vape pen during any activity and be virtually unnoticeable because of the discretionary hardware and range of strains and/or flavor profiles that don’t smell like weed is the gift that keeps giving. 

Parenting is hard, and kids, while we absolutely love and adore them, are the humans who will challenge and push us the most. Cannabis is our way to relax while still having the ability to engage, be coherent and creative, and experience an abundance of love and fun. 

So this Mother’s Day, rather than encouraging the lady in your life to pour a glass or pop a bottle and continue the warpath towards wine culture that already consumes our society, create a conversation around cannabis. And if you are a mom reading this, I salute you and raise a joint toast to all of us – Happy Mother’s Day! 

*This article was submitted by a guest contributor. The author is solely responsible for its content.

Roxanne Dennant, is Director of Brand Marketing at Good Day Farm. Beyond creating detailed strain marketing campaigns and immersive, sensory brand activations, Roxanne also sits on Good Day’s New Product Development Team and oversees the cultivation strategy for six gardens across four states. Working hand in hand with Good Day Farm’s National Cultivation Team, Roxanne’s influence, and methods for choosing genetics are unparalleled.

Roxanne Dennant