Cannabis books for kids – tools for a modern parent

Cannabis books for kids: child reads book in parent's hands

As children age, they will likely ask questions to make sense of their surroundings—and they rarely have a filter. At some point, parents who use or grow cannabis may wonder how they should talk to their kids about the plant. Books are a valuable tool for explaining new concepts to children, and it turns out there are age-appropriate books covering everything from growing cannabis in the garden to having parents who work in the industry.

“What’s Growing in Grandma’s Garden?” by Susan Soares

This book follows a grandma and her grandson who love to garden together. Grandma enjoys the process of growing cannabis and uses it medicinally. Follow along as they talk about what plants grow in the garden, beneficial bugs versus pests, and why cannabis plants are just for grown-ups.

Kids of Cannabis: My mom & dad work in cannabis; this is our story” by I.B. Sekandi

The cannabis workforce is growing as quickly as legalization is spreading. Some parents in the industry get nervous about sharing their job with their kids and how their involvement with a stigmatized plant might affect their relationships or school experience. Kids of Cannabis explores the nuances of being a child whose parents work in weed.

“If a Peacock Finds a Pot Leaf” by Morgan Carman

Follow Peter, a peacock who happens upon a pot leaf in the forest, and different creatures teach him about the possible benefits of medical cannabis. Children of cannabis patients or kids who are patients themselves could use this book as they start having conversations about medical use with their peers.

“The Root Family’s Very Special Garden” by Mskindness B. Ramirez

Go through the life cycle of a cannabis plant with The Root Family in this illustrated children’s book. The story teaches kids about growing cannabis to destigmatize a plant that grows naturally beside lavender and basil. Mskindness has a Master’s Degree in Education and taught at the high school level making her a knowledgeable and friendly voice for kids.

“It’s Just A Plant” by Ricardo Cortés

Teach a child about cannabis from a community perspective with It’s Just A Plant. The story follows a kiddo who happens upon her parents smoking a joint, sending her on a journey through her community to see the many uses of cannabis—being sure to note that the plant is just for adults.

“Stinky Steve” series by Maggie Volpo

The Stinky Steve series of educational cannabis books for children includes titles like Stinky Steve Explains Why Papa’s In Prison For Pot and Stinky Steve Explains Medical Marijuana, among others. In each book, smelly skunk Stinky Steve answers questions that kids might have about cannabis, like mommy being a medical patient, daddy taking dabs, and grandma’s grow room. This normalization series was published by the Michigan Cannabis Business Association with the help of a crowdfunding campaign.


Cannabis children’s books explore life lessons and education, just like books about feelings or sharing– the only difference is stigma. These books can be valuable parenting tools for anyone, whether they’re in the industry, medical patients, or just have curious kids. And for interested adults, check out our list of 20 cannabis cookbooks.


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