20 Cannabis cookbooks to inspire you in the kitchen

Cannabis cookbooks: Photo of a couple in the kitchen cooking and laughing together.

There’s something special about the crisp hardcover of a cookbook filled with enticing food photography and stories about the author’s time in the kitchen. After years of normalization efforts, cannabis cookbooks are more common on shelves, prominently placed alongside Ruth Reichl’s classics. I checked some of these out from my local library, actually.

With 420 on the horizon, we’re planning how to spend the day (or even the whole weekend). Some might opt to stay in, maybe even make some edibles. For those who might step into the kitchen this 420, check out these cookbooks ranging from fine dining to vegan to confections– we covered it all.

High Cookery: Your Guide for Cannabis Cooking and the Munchies by Gilad Meiri

With over 100 inventive recipes and simple directions, Meiri has created a cannabis cookbook perfect for beginners. Explore coconut and other infusion recipes before diving into Meiri’s beloved inventions. The photography is inviting, highlighting rich gem tones and featuring patterned displays.

Some standout recipes include the Crispy Goat Cheese with Beet Jam and a Surprise, which Meiri describes as one of his most “notoriously crazed inventions,” and an herbaceous Chimichurri. Throughout the book, Meiri’s passion for bold flavors and complementary textures is prominent, but the recipes are still accessible for most home cooks.

High Times: Let’s Get Baked by Haejin Chun and Jamie Evans

This cookbook is inspired by High Times, with over 60 recipes that utilize THC or CBD. As much time was paid to recipes as it was to photography in the beginner-friendly guide to cooking with weed. Baking can be unforgiving, but Let’s Get Baked offers fool-proof options.

Haejin Chun is the founder, chef, and creative responsible for coveted infused dinner series Big Bad Wolf SF, and Jamie Evans is an authority on cannabis gourmet. Between the pair of them, this book promises to deliver elevated cuisine that gets everyone elevated.

Edibles for Beginners: A Cannabis Cookbook by Laurie Wolf and Mary Wolf

Before jumping into beginner-friendly recipes, this cookbook focuses on medical indications of cannabis, learning how to decarboxylate, and stocking your pantry for infusions. The authors also break down twenty well-known cannabis strains explaining the flavor profiles, commonly experienced effects, and possible health benefits.

Once the basics are covered, Edibles for Beginners continues, sharing 50 low-dose cannabis-infused recipes and labeling the THC content for each one. It is an ideal cookbook for that family member who is on the fence about using cannabis and lives in a newly legal state–or any beginner.

The 420 Gourmet by JeffThe420Chef

The main focus of Jeff the 420 Chef in The 420 Gourmet is to provide instructions for safe dosing and consumption of edibles made at home. This book dives into dosing instructions using methods perfected by Chef Jeff that neutralize the smell and flavor of the plant.

The 420 Gourmet also explains common strains and effects and his signature “light-tasting” process to avoid over-consumption. Chef Jeff infuses everyday recipes and creates his dishes in this compilation of cannabis recipes. Coconut shrimp and salmon are just a few creations in this beginner-friendly cannabis cookbook.

The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook: Feel-Good Edibles, from Tinctures and Cocktails to Entrées and Desserts by Robyn Griggs Lawrence

This classic cannabis cookbook has been out for nearly a decade, but the information inside is still valuable and extensive. The book covers multiple infusion sections like oils, butters, tinctures, sweeteners, and dairy. From there, twelve chefs and one barkeep share a broad but comprehensive slew of recipes organized by course: breakfast, morning beverages, juices, appetizers, salads, entrees, sides, desserts, snacks, and cocktails.

The hardcover book sits nicely beside that copy of Joy of Cooking that everyone gets at some point in their twenties. This text includes classic close-up food photography featuring the occasional fan leaf. Enjoy recipes like High Ho Pottanesca and fan leaf pesto with a Central Park North–a gin cocktail made with infused Chartreuse. What sets this cookbook apart is the information about different cannabis strains, dispensary etiquette, and the basics of the plant itself.

Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails & Tonics by Warren Bobrow

Warren Bobrow, a.k.a. “The Cocktail Whisperer,” developed these cocktail recipes for the cannabis connoisseur in 2016 after authoring the non-cannabis cookbook Apothecary Cocktails. Before getting to the recipes, Bobrow shares the history of medical liquids and tonics. It also urges the reader to be safe while consuming cannabis and alcohol together.

Read this book to explore different infusion methods for cocktail-making, learn how different strains taste in drinks, and craft cocktails to whet the appetite. My favorite from the book is the Dramatis Personae, in which cannabis smoke flavors the mixing glass alongside a spritz of absinthe. Cannabis love or not, anyone who enjoys the art of cocktail-making would like to read this cannabis cookbook.

Cannabis Drinks: Secrets to Crafting CBD and THC Beverages at Home by Jamie Evans

Written during the rise of the cannabis bevvie, Cannabis Drinks explores an array of knowledge suitable for beginners and experts. Cannabis Drinks teaches you how to infuse bitters, shrubs, honey, sour mix, simple syrups, and alcohol-based tinctures before diving into a catalog of drink recipes. Evans has a professional background in wine and, as such, focuses on aromatics and terpenes while describing sensory techniques for pairing flavors in beverages.

This cannabis cookbook goes beyond cocktails, including coffee & tea, juices, shakes, smoothies, spirit-free mixed drinks, and classic cocktails. Light & bright photography shows off eye-catching garnishes for drinks like the Apple Spice CBD Mule and Infused Shrubs, Three Ways. Nobody would regret having this cannabis book on their bar cart.

The Weed Gummies Cookbook by Monica Lo

As a long-time fan of photographer and cook Monica Lo, I was very excited for The Weed Gummies Cookbook to come out. The slim paperback book can slide away in the pantry like a manual because Lo has literally created the manual for properly making cannabis candy. Learn about the roles of specific ingredients in candy-making, the necessary equipment to craft confections, and read extensive safety considerations, including sample child labels for home-infused bakes. The book also includes an easy-to-follow equation for dosing out homemade cannabis candies to avoid an uncomfortable high.

Once past the preliminary information, readers will enjoy elegant, bright food photography beside alluring recipes like lavender chamomile sleep gummies, bubble tea, and miso butterscotch caramels. Anyone who buys gummies, chocolates, and confections from the dispensary will appreciate having this cookbook in their reference section.

Cannabis Candy & Dessert Cookbook: Learn to Decarb, Extract and Make Your Own CBD & THC Infused Candy from Scratch by Ruth Robinson

This cookbook aims to be accessible by offering CBD and THC infusion instructions. Focusing specifically on candy, Robinson speaks on the benefits, effects, and preparation of cannabis edibles. In addition, this book explains the difference between edibles made with CBD versus THC extract and goes one step further and teaches readers how to avoid CBD scams (like buying oil with no CBD in them).

When it comes to cooking, Robinson shares four different decarboxylation recipes before sharing personally-developed recipes for lollipops, chocolate mousse, and crème brûlée. As Robinson put it herself, anyone with a sweet tooth and an interest in cannabis would be happy to read this book.

DIY Cannabis-Infused Candy & Desserts: Recipes From Around the World: Easy to Follow Recipe Guide for THC infused Candy, Ice-cream, Muffins, Cookies, Brownies & So Much More! by Jackie Sanders

This book comes after years of research from author Jackie Sanders as she played around with different extraction methods, perfecting the process to get the purest cannabinoids. Sanders set out to make candies and sweet treats with these extractions, and with this cookbook, she hopes to inspire more home chefs to pick up the hobby of cooking with cannabis.
Learn how to make cannabis butter, oil, flour, and corn syrup after the usual tips and tricks on everything from dosing to safety measures. The High Ranchers candies and Pun-Intended Baked Cannabis Pudding are some memorable recipes in the collection–but, honestly, every sweet tooth will find their favorite.

Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Kitchen by Stephanie Hua

Cannabis cooks share recipes like Peach & Ginger Ale Float, Pimiento Cheese & Tomato Tea Sandwiches, and others in this cannabis cookbook curated and written by Stephanie Hua. Hua is the creator of Get Mallows, a California-based infused marshmallow company. Yes, the book also includes Hua’s famed Birthday Cake Mellows.

Edibles opts for teaching the sous vide technique right after explaining the endocannabinoid system, information on common terpenes, and dosage calculations. Cheerful images and retro marbled pages accompany instructions to make delicious dishes. While Hua crafted many of the dishes, some are from other makers. For example, Kenny Morrison of the iconic Venice Cookie Company shares the Elvis Cookie. Edibles make a lovely addition to any cookbook collection.

Butter & Flower: Cannabis-infused Recipes and Stories for the Cannacurious by Ann Allchin

Writer and baker Ann Allchin started cooking with cannabis for a family member who had tried everything to ease debilitating migraines. Allchin became enthralled with cannabis baking, and as a result, we have Butter & Flower. Before jumping into the recipes, the book highlights all warnings and considerations for eating and cooking with cannabis, followed by dosing math for canna-butter and canna-sugar. The vibrant hardcover book keeps readers engaged with cheery colors and engaging design throughout the pages– which also share recipes like Brown Butter Rolo Cookies and Greek Koulourakia.

What sets Butter & Flower apart are the stories from cannabis activists, patients, and entrepreneurs about how they began working with the plant. Learn about hockey player Riley Cote and Allchin’s friend’s aunt that spent time in an Amsterdam prison after unsuccessfully smuggling hash from India. It is a great cookbook filled equally with recipes and stories– it’s worth a spot on the shelf.

The Vegan Stoner Cookbook I & II by Sarah Conrique and Graham I. Haynes

While the rest of the list is a playground for the epicurious– vegans and people with allergies often still have to adapt perfected recipes. That isn’t the case for The Vegan Stoner Cookbook, which shares 100 recipes that are all vegan and infused with cannabis. Cute drawings of stoned tomatoes cooking and hippy mushrooms accompany each recipe.

The book was well received, so the authors and the whole cast of stoned vegetables are back for a second cookbook featuring another 100 recipes. Vegans rejoice because The Vegan Stoner Cookbook has dinner covered for days.

The Vegan Cannabis Cookbook: Vegan Recipes For Delicious Marijuana-Infused Edibles by Eva Hammond and Aaron Hammond

Vegan couple Eva and Aaron Hammond wrote this book to inspire more home chefs to elevate their cooking. The book teaches readers how to infuse delicious edibles in a way that makes them hit hard, or as the description says, “drop like a bomb.” Explore vegan ice cream, fudge, and caramel recipes in this book of THC treats that expands the common understanding of what vegan food can be. This one is worth a look.

The 420 Cannabis Cookbook: Essential Weed Recipes for Delicious Butters, Salsas, Cocktails, and More by Raul Medina

Author Raul Medina adds dozens of cannabis-infused recipes to the conversation with The 420 Cannabis Cookbook. From infusing cannabis butter to mixing marinades– Medina guides the reader through every step of serving a cannabis meal. And you don’t have to use cannabis either; all of these recipes are just as delicious and non-infused. This cannabis cookbook explores different kinds of butter, marinades, appetizers, salsas, dips, infused alcohols, and more– these recipes are ideal for someone who loves to host.

Cannabis Cuisine by Andrea Drummer

Some may recognize Chef Andrea Drummer as head chef of the Original Cannabis Cafe, a pioneering space in cannabis dining and tourism. Drummer is also a private cannabis chef for celebrity clients who combines cannabis infusion with gourmet dining. Cannabis Cuisine carries on that tradition featuring unique butter and oil infusion recipes and an in-depth look at the immense flavor potential of the cannabis plant.

Drummer goes deeper into flavor pairings than other books, pairing flower with dishes, merging two different consumption methods into one dining experience. Each elevated dish brings confidence to the home cook as they learn new techniques and hone in on the culinary potential of the unique cannabis plant.

Bong Appétit: Mastering the Art of Cooking With Weed by Munchies and VICELAND

Groundbreaking show Bong Appétit made way for this cookbook featuring tips from show co-stars Ry Prichard and Vanessa Lavorato. The hardcover Easter pink book cover shot is adorned with fan leaves, colas, and a seasoning jar. This cookbook shares multiple infusion recipes like brownie sundaes and weed-butter-basted chicken.

Recipes are shared along a thread of cannabis politics, strain pairings with various dish’s flavor profiles, and dosage information. Expert advice comes along the way from former guests of the show and friends of the hosts– the reader is in good hands with Bong Appétit.

Cooking with Herb: 75 Recipes for the Marley Natural Lifestyle by Cedella Marley

Marley Natural is the Marley Family’s cannabis brand that promotes a healthy lifestyle. Cooking with Herb continues that tradition–sharing healthy recipes for everyone. Cedella Marley is the daughter of reggae legend Bob Marley, and in this book, she shares more than just her cannabis-infused oil recipe. Marley brings cannabis into various wellness routines with this collection of more than 75 Caribbean-inspired recipes.

Learn how to infuse a hemp-based moisturizer, include cannabis in your morning tea, and demystify the homemade edibles dosing process. Readers will appreciate the island perspective when keying into the Marley lifestyle with this cannabis cookbook.

The Art of Cooking with Cannabis: CBD and THC-Infused Recipes from Across America by Tracey Medeiros

This anthology is a compilation of great organic farmers, award-winning chefs, and artisans from all over America. Each featured individual is doing their part in revolutionizing how the world views cannabis. The book is presented in three parts: CBD, Hemp, and THC.

In The Art of Cooking with Cannabis, Chef Michael Magliano, Head Chef of Pantry, shares his Avocado Mash with Nori and Cucumber. The book also features a Vegan No-Bake Cashew Cheese Cake from James Beard Award-winning Chef Maria Hines. The cannabis cookbook also includes drink recipes from now-closed Entente Chicago and Prank Bar. The story of how each contributor advocates for the cannabis plant is shared alongside each recipe. Those who love the culinary arts will be as enthralled with this book as those who love cannabis.

The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook by Elise Mcdonough

Legendary culture magazine High Times originally released this cookbook in 2012 with Elise Mcdonough, who went on to develop Bong Appétit with VICELAND. This cookbook includes novel infusions like cannabis-infused mayonnaise and marijuana flower alongside classic cannabis butter, coconut oil, glycerite, and tinctures.

This cannabis cookbook features sections labeled Irie Appetizers, Munchie Meals, High Holidays, Stoner Sweets, and Cannabis Cocktails. Don’t let the punny names deter you—it was a different time. There are some great recipes in this collection, like Garlic Cannellini Dip, Eggplant Alfredo, and Flaming Space Cupcakes. While this wouldn’t be the first cannabis cookbook I check out, it’s worth adding to the collection.

Inspired Infusions by LĒVO

This cookbook was released by LĒVO, an infusion device company, to inspire new cannabis cooks. These recipes are ideal for beginner cooks after being developed through rigorous testing and tasting. The book is available in digital or hardcover, featuring recipes like power gummies, vegan ceviche, and coconut almond protein balls. Inspired Infusions includes 30 recipes that don’t require a LĒVO to try.

Cooking with cannabis doesn’t have to be complicated. Most of these books focus on demystifying the process of infusing, dosing, cooking, and baking with the plant. Whether you’re vegan, interested in savory items, or prefer fine dining– cannabis cookbooks have you covered.

Cara Wietstock is Senior Content Producer of GreenState.com and has been working in the cannabis space since 2011. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.