Kacey Musgraves claims she quit weed, but there’s one joint she’ll never pass

kacey musgraves willie nelson

Country music darling Kacey Musgraves has never been shy about her penchant for pot. After all, her song Deeper Well talks about the fine art of wake and bake. And while the Merry Go ‘Round singer may have allegedly given up weed, she’s still got plenty of mementos from the high times.

In a recent interview with Howard Stern, Musgraves revealed she once framed a joint rolled by the Red-Headed Stranger himself, Willie Nelson. 

“I’ve smoked with Willie a lot,” Musgraves shared, reminiscing about being on tour with the country legend early in her career. “He’s very generous with his stash.”

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The songstress called Nelson a “grandfather-like” figure, adding the sesh led the pair to record a version of Are You Sure right there on the tour bus.

When asked about the actual weed, the starlet proudly declared she wanted to cherish it forever.

“That’s in my house, on a shelf,” she smiled. “He like twisted one up for us…we all smoked half of it with him, and we put it out, and I was like, ‘I’m saving that.’”

Stern followed up by remarking Musgraves must be a “big weed person.” She countered that while she used to be “the biggest pothead in the world,” abstinence was her new normal.

“As I got older and busier, it just kind of stopped doing the fun things and started doing the bad things to me,” Musgraves admitted. Rather than inspiring creativity, she started feeling more anxious and socially awkward after consuming. However, the artist was quick to add she’s not completely done with weed.

“I’m not saying I’m done forever.”

The assertion has led some to speculate that Musgraves is indeed still smoking but that she may be trying to downplay her affinity for cannabis for other reasons. Regardless of her current consumption habits, the fact that she has a framed Willie Nelson joint in her living room speaks volumes about her continued adoration for the plant—or, at the very least, the memories it gave her.


Rachelle Gordon

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