Period problems? These 4 cannabis and CBD products can help with cramps, muscle aches, PMS


For people with periods, their menstruation and the week leading up to it can be debilitating.

Over 90% of women say they suffer from some symptoms of Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) in their lifetime. On top of PMS, many people suffer from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Endometriosis, or premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), each of which exacerbates those symptoms.

For many people with periods, standard over-the-counter treatments like ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or Midol don’t cut it. So more and more women have turned to CBD- and THC-infused products to ease their symptoms.

Fans of cannabis-infused products say that their cramps are eased, they feel less bloated, and overall feel better when suffering from PMS and on their periods. More definitive research is needed on the exact benefits of cannabis and pain relief, along with other PMS symptoms — but many people swear by it. 

If you’re looking for some period relief, here are some cannabis and CBD products you might want to try.

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CBD oil (for cramps/other pains)

People across social media and blog forums praise CBD for easing period pains.

One Twitter user said of CBD oil: “…ever since I’ve started using CBD oil in place of Advil/Midol, my period cramps have significantly improved and been way less painful and uncomfortable!”

CBD oil can either be ingested or applied topically to ease period pain.

Topical application: Many people with periods apply CBD oil over their stomach and pelvic area and say their cramps in the days leading up to and during their period are significantly less. Many say that the relief is far better than traditional OTC pain relievers.

Try a few drops at first, and increase as needed to find the amount that’s right for you.

Oral ingestion: Others prefer to ingest the oil. CBD oil can be ingested alone and placed under the tongue as it absorbs, or added to a drink like tea.

Most CBD companies will recommend taking 15-20mg of oil twice a day as needed and increasing the dose gradually if you feel you need more, Guardian Athletic reports.

Good to know: Look for the different kinds of CBD oil. Full-spectrum oil will include THC, while broad-spectrum contains a wide span of cannabidiols. CBD isolate, meanwhile, contains only CBD.

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CBD suppositories or tampons (for cramps/other pains)

Suppositories: CBD suppositories are designed to be inserted into the vagina. As CBD is absorbed in the body, the suppository aims to help relieve localized cramping.

One user who claims to have Endometriosis—a condition where tissue that mimics the uterus lining grows on other areas—tried Foria’s CBD suppositories, and says they saw noticeable pain relief during their period. The suppositories are made with 100mg of Broad-spectrum hemp extract.

In a review on Beauty Heroes, they wrote that they put in a suppository the night before their period.

“I woke up with the same nerves in my stomach that I get every month expecting the searing pain but it never came!” they wrote.

They added, “The more I used the suppositories the less and less I felt the cramping that used to keep me in bed for days.”

Tampons: CBD-infused tampons work the same as standard tampons—yet they’re infused with CBD, which is said to help ease period pain.

Daye, for example, has “Naked” coated tampons with “(30%), full-spectrum CBD.”

Marie Claire reporter Ally Head, who reviewed Daye’s CBD-infused tampons, said they “…definitely worked to ease the usual abdominal cramps I get at the beginning of my bleed.”

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Period patches (for cramps/other pains)

Period patches are typically made with CBD or hemp extract. They’re easy to apply—you peel off a protective backing and apply it to your abdomen/pelvic area for localized pain relief.

One fan of The Good Patch, which is made with hemp extract and other botanicals, left a raving review on Ulta, saying: “I tried these after suffering from severe cramps for years. They worked quickly and effectively. The[y] even helped with my PMS.”

In part of their homeopathic treatment regimen, one Twitter user said they: “…have lessened [my] severe period cramps by using a 15mg CBD patch on the first day…”

While there are CBD-infused patches designed and marketed specifically for menstruation, many users report using generic cannabis patches for PMS and period pain relief.

THC (for mood)

In the days leading up to and during their period, many people have mood swings, are irritable, or even feel depressed and anxious.

Some report feeling more mellow and motivated when using THC before and during menstruation.

In a Reddit thread on THC helping ease intense emotions, one user commented: “As for my periods, it’s one of the only thing[s] that helps everything that comes along with it for me: bad moods, migraines, and cramps. It’s a godsend.”

If your menstrual cycle is slowing you down, you may want to consider THC in your favorite form—whether it’s rolling a joint, taking an edible, or using a THC vape pen.

Kassidy Vavra