12 Mouth-Watering CBD Recipes That Promise Stress Relief for Every Occasion

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Tired of tinctures? There are tastier ways to take your CBD.

A quick search on Pinterest yields hundreds of delectable, CBD-infused recipes. (That’s right, Pinterest moms have gone green.) And the best part? The writers say you can still experience health benefits you’d get from a CBD tincture by indulging in these scrumptious delights.

We pulled the most mouth-watering CBD recipes on Pinterest for this ultra-chill, super anti-inflammatory menu. Whether you’re battling pain, insomnia, or anxiety (we could go on), there’s a CBD delicacy here for you.

1. CBD Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Treat your Valentine’s taste buds AND inflammation levels with this mood-setting desert.

2. CBD Elderberry Smoothie

A pandemic essential.

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3. CBD Cocktails

Does the CBD cancel out the hangover? Asking for a friend.

4. CBD Eggnog

Guaranteed to make the season brighter.

5. CBD Peppermint Brownies

A perfect treat for the whole family… or just you.

6. Cookies and Cream CBD Cheesecake Bites

If you’re still stressed after eating these, we don’t know what will help you.

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7. Raspberry and Coconut CBD Energy Bites

Stress: gone. Productivity: on.

8. CBD Milk Popsicles

Cool down and unwind.

9. CBD Chocolate Chip Cookies

Does adding CBD in this sugary classic make it healthy? No. Will we pretend it does? Yes.

10. CBD Pancakes

Wake and make.

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11. CBD Avocado Toast

Brunch, but make it green.

12. CBD Shrimp Alfredo

Whip this one up to really impress your guests.

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Elissa Esher