Why Three Spirit non-alcoholic elixirs earned a place on my bar cart

non-alcohol drinks: flatlay of Three Spirit bottles on pink satin with mocktail mixing supplies.

The newest generations of adults are drinking less alcohol, making way for alternative drinks. While many non-alcoholic spirits brands aim to replace traditional liquor without the alcohol content, Three Spirit drinks does the opposite.

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Three Spirit elixirs use an alchemical mixture of functional mushrooms, euphoric herbs, herbs, and ferments. The result is non-alcoholic beverages that are keen to be sipped, mixed, or shaken. I was lucky to receive samples of the products to try them all.

There were five bottles in total, and I’ve sampled them with my husband through Dry January. The Livener, Social, and Nightcap strike me as a liqueur, while the Sharp and Spark offer bubbly effervescence. Each has a distinct, singular flavor profile, but that’s not all.

Three Spirit drinks practices botanical alchemy, each potion offers an intentional effect from natural, alcohol-free ingredients.

“This is Botanical Alchemy. This is not an imitation of an alcoholic drink. It is something that stands out on its own, enhances cocktails & creates a new option. A third way between drinking and not drinking,” head alchemist Dash Lilley said in press materials sent to GreenState.

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These recipes have been formulated over years of work from plant scientists, world-class bartenders, hedonists, herbalists, and artists–a group Three Spirit labels the “alchemists.” Each formulation arouses a vibe of connection, excitement, or relaxation with the help of active organic ingredients.

Where does cannabis fit in to Three Spirit drinks?

When it comes to cannabis mocktails, Three Spirit is a godsend. Intentional ingredients with a guided effect pair nicely with infused seltzers, THC powder, and other common weed drinks. Pair a drink featuring CBD and CBN with Three Spirit’s Nightcap in an Old Fashioned before a restful night’s sleep. A 1:1 THC to CBD drink would mix perfectly with the Livener Paloma.

Non-alcoholic spirits, botanical potions, elixirs: whatever you call them, they are a mocktail bartender’s dream. Let’s break down the full line of Three Spirit libations.

Livener The Pick-Me-Up

three spirit drinks
Photo provided by Three Spirit

Wowza! The Livener is described on the bottle as energizing, juicy, and fiery. For some reason, it was the last one that we sampled off of the bar cart that is ironically only filled with non-alcoholic liquors at this point.

The palate first recognizes the juiciness—it’s almost unbelievable since describing liquid as juicy felt redundant. But alas, the watermelon and guava lend an extra mouth-watering quality to the beverage.

The buzzing tongue came as a pleasant surprise, giving a little bit of heat that had me dying to make a spicy marg with the stuff. That spice reminds me of buzz buttons, little yellow flower buds at the farmer’s market sometimes that make your mouth tingle.

This drink brought me up with green tea, guayusa, and guava leaf which are believed to have uplifting qualities. I can feel my eyes square despite a long day of work, which is nice. All the sleepy ones will understand the benefit of having a little upper while socializing after a long day, and the Livener is just that.

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Social The Mood Maker

three spirit drinks
Photo provided by Three Spirit

There is an herbaceous bite to the Social elixir that makes my lip curl and tongue pop. It’s not unpleasant, but it’s an experience. The liquid is dark, as mysterious as the flavor, which is from a combination of yerba mate, damiana, and lion’s mane functional mushrooms.

Yerba mate is caffeinated. Damiana is said to evoke a slight high, and it may be an aphrodisiac. Lion’s mane is touted for potential neurological benefits among other things, but most don’t see results until after three days to three weeks of taking it as a regular supplement. These flavors collide into a complex libation that has me feeling loose and chatty.

Three Spirits recommend the Social in an Espresso Martini or Light & Story, a play on the classic rum cocktail. I mixed it with a Watermelon Lime Olipop and that was delightful.

Nightcap The Dream Maker

three spirit drinks
Photo provided by Three Spirit

Wooded cabins and spiced cakes are brought to mind with a sip of Nightcap, which contains lemon balm, valerian, ashwagandha, white willow bark, and hops. Three Spirit alchemists intend Nightcap to be calm and dreamy, slow-sipped like a fine bourbon or whiskey.

Slow sipper is correct, there is a rich and sweet maple note that hits first with a slight citrus riding on a slightly spiced wood. The third sip brings a calmness, for sure. Nightcap delivers what it promises just like the others.

Blurred Vines: Sharp & Spark Bubbly Alternatives

Photo provided by Three Spirit

These sweet, bubbly fermented bevvies are perfect for a celebration. Both use a base of grape and apricot fermented with Ludwigii and Cervisea yeast.

Spark is a rosé alternative. It’s pink and effervescent with bright, biting flavor notes. From the pressed redcurrant and strawberry alongside rare Himalayan and Malawai black tea and Chinese green tea.

Three Spirit drinks adds L-theanine, guayusa, cayenne pepper, and Schisandra. The stack may induce a celebratory stimulation, working with the cold brewed teas.

Sharp is a white wine alternative with the same ferment base but a cold brew of Ethiopian Koseret and English Manuka leaf alongside pressed gooseberries. The resulting flavor is crisp and slightly floral. California poppy, clary sage, L-theanine, mineral salts, amino acids, and vitamin D join the party for what Three Spirit hopes is focused invigoration.

I enjoyed both, though I liked the Sharp better. Both were a bit sweet for my liking, but I tend to go for the least sweet drink options so others will find it just right. If I had to choose between the two, I would choose the elixirs over the Blurred Vines.

The final word on Three Spirit Libations

Three Spirit has done something special with this line of non-alcoholic potions by providing delicious libations alongside functional intention. I enjoyed each of the offerings, though I’d have to say my favorite of all is the Livener. The Cali sober crowd, mocktail lovers, cannabis drink connoisseurs, and even mixologists working with alcohol will be inspired by the contents of each of these bottles.

Cara Wietstock is Senior Content Producer of GreenState.com and has been working in the cannabis space since 2011. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.