Marijuana-themed sandwich shop plans locations in Tennessee

Cannabis remains illegal in Tennessee, but soon Knoxville residents can take in the experience of eating as if they were stoned.

The weed-themed sandwich chain Cheba Hut plans to open two franchise stores in Knoxville, reports Knox News.

“We’ve kind of been doing this fast-casual thing for longer than that’s even been a buzzword,” Cheba Hut Chief Relationship Officer Seth Larsen said. “We want to expand, we want to expand to cool markets, and we think Knoxville’s a cool market.”

The submarine sandwich restaurant opened its first Tempe, AZ restaurant in 1998, and has grown to around 25 locations throughout seven states with reformed marijuana laws. Their expansion to Tennessee would mark the first location in a state where cannabis remains prohibited.

While none of their menu items actually contain marijuana, each sandwich is named after a particular strain or cultural reference.

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Their top-selling sandwich is named after the strain White Widow, and is made with chicken, bacon, provolone and a made-in-house proprietary ranch.

Despite the particular theme, however, Cheba Hut emphasizes that all customers are welcome, not just stoners and cannabis aficionados.

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“We are an inclusive brand, we want everyone to feel comfortable,” Larsen said. “We don’t care if it’s professionals in suits and ties, soccer moms, stoners, hard hats. It doesn’t matter.”

The brand is still currently in search of a franchise partner in Knoxville, with the intention to sign an agreement and open by 2021.

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