Make cooking with cannabis easy this holiday season

cooking with cannabis

The holiday season has a very traditional menu in many homes or restaurants, but this year, you get to hash it up—no pun intended.

Many people I know are canna-curious, but they don’t want to smoke cannabis, and they don’t like the taste of oils. Unfortunately, where I live in Vancouver, BC, infused dining still isn’t “legal.” I started researching to see what’s out there for my canna-curious friends.

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Recently, I came across Farm and Florist, a culinary cannabis brand by West Blvd Cannabis—the first micro-processing and cannabis manufacturing facility approved by the City of Vancouver and the first culinary cannabis facility in Canada. It’s specifically designed for people wanting to dabble in cannabis and elevate their food.

 They not only provide products that help you cook with cannabis, but they also have an educational format, and they work with chefs across Canada to teach you how to use cannabis in different recipes, be it appetizers, main dishes, desserts, or even drinks.

 “We created an educational ecosystem, so when we develop products, we also develop recipes to use those products and something that’s transferable; they’re easy, something that consumers are used to. We want to make sure that anyone who’s purchasing our products also has the support of education and different recipes to go with these ingredients,” Connor McNamee, one of the co-founders, told me.

 So even if you can’t hire a chef to cater your event, which you can also book through them, you can find recipes on their website that you can reciprocate in the comfort of your own home.

Edibles with ease

 This holiday season, forget about the turkey being the main dish, and instead, why not cook this delicious truffle butter roast chicken with rosemary and lemon potatoes?

 If you don’t feel like cooking, there are many options for drinks, too.

You can use the brand’s new Mistlestoned pack to add to your coffee or to your favorite desserts, such as tiramisu or brownies, or maybe add them to some chocolate syrups and drizzle over ice cream. These are infused Mocha and Hazelnut creamers, which add an extra buzz to your Christmas baking.

Having these products makes it easier for everyday people, even those who have never used cannabis before, to try it. It also takes away the guessing game of trying to know how much you need to add to your recipe.

Whether you like spicy food, sweets, or salads, there’s a product for everyone. And the great thing about them is that they’re odorless and tasteless, so they won’t alter any recipe you already have.

 “Let’s say somebody calls a chef or a catering company, and they say, ‘I’d love to have infused cupcakes or cake for my event.’ So then the caterer goes to buy cannabis flowers from a retail store to make their own cannabis butter or their own cannabis olive oil. Because the flowers have so many different minor cannabinoids, they would be getting a whole mix of different potencies around different cannabinoids. So it would be difficult to gauge what experience that consumer is going to have with the flower that they picked,” explained McNamee.

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 “Then they have to send the butter or olive oil they made to a lab, get the results on the potency, and then figure out a way to serve it in the cupcakes,” McNamee continued. “That is a very lengthy and difficult process for a catering company or a chef to want to go through to support these customers. 

“We wanted to develop these products that are odorless and tasteless. So when we put it in good-quality olive oil, you can taste and smell the oil, and it doesn’t change because cannabis is in it. They’re also accurately dosed at either 10 milligrams or five milligrams per unit. Their chef can execute them so easily with our maple syrup or our honey.” 

Just relax this holiday, kick back, and simply enjoy some infused popcorn or hot cocoa courtesy of Mistlestoned—no canna-baking required.

 This Christmas, instead of leaving milk and cookies for Santa, maybe leave an infused brownie or a spiced-infused T-H-Ceasar. I’m sure he will be HO-HO-HAPPY, and you’ll be on the nice list.

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Karen Habashi