Can you bring cannabis along on your camping trip in Washington? A state park rep. tells us the good, the bad and the ugly

FILE – A view of Deception Pass Bridge from North Beach of Deception Pass State Park in Wash. | Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images

Once upon a time, adult visitors to Wash. state parks could enjoy a bowl and gaze up at the stars — within the confines of a tent or RV, that is.

Unsurprisingly, rules change. When GreenState recently covered the code of conduct for cannabis use in Calif., Colo., and Wash. state parks, the Wash. State Parks & Recreation Commission reached out to let us know their policies had changed. Again.

Bad news for recreational users: The state has “further refined its statutes” regarding marijuana use in its parks. It is now illegal to partake, whether you’re inside your own camping home away from home, or out in the open.

Good news for medicinal marijuana users: medical marijuana may be consumed in its state parks, as long as the person using it is out of public view.

“So, basically inside a tent or RV,” Toni Weyman Droscher said. She manages communications and social media on behalf of the parks.

However, this policy doesn’t apply when it comes to park structures, such as a cabin, yurt or other rental building. And if you do claim to a park ranger that you’re lighting up for medical purposes, you’ll need to have a medical recognition card.

“If a visitor does not have a medical marijuana recognition card or health care professional’s authorization to present to a ranger, the consumption/possession of marijuana does not fall under the protections of medical marijuana,” Doscher said.

So, whether you’re headed to Squak Mountain, Saint Edwards or Dash Point, you might want to keep those rules (and a medicinal card, if applicable) in your back pocket. Just a recreational user? Consider checking out these cannabis-friendly campgrounds.

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