Middletown, CT webinar to explore impact of marijuana legalization for businesses

MIDDLETOWN – The Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce will host a webinar exploring “The Legalization of Recreational Cannabis in Connecticut” Wednesday via Zoom.

It will run from 9 to 10:30 a.m., and be presented by attorneys Megan Carannante and Zachary Zeid of Pullman & Comely, according to a press release.

They will discuss the legalization of recreational cannabis, which has opened up an “exciting” new market in Connecticut, the chamber said. “However, as with any new industry, there are a host of regulations and legal issues to navigate. For Connecticut employers, the new law imposes some new restrictions on employers and offers some protections for employees,” the news release said.

It will include:

  Guidance on updating drug-free workplace policies and employee handbooks

  Recommended changes to drug and alcohol testing policies in the pre-employment process and during employment

  Update on new employment protections for off-duty use

  How to recognize and train managers on signs of cannabis impairment

  Tips to make expectations clear and avoid legal exposure

This webinar is free but requires registration at middlesexchamber.com.

Press Staff